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Jun 14, 2005

Seeds of Peace International Camp begins 13th summer with Middle East youth

Seeds from 1993-1999 will reunite at camp in August for the inaugural Leadership Summit OTISFIELD, MAINE | Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Yemeni, Indian, Pakistani, Afghan and American youth will once again meet as Seeds of Peace opens its 13th season with a unifying flagraising ceremony at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 23 at the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Otisfield, Maine. Two hundred campers along with their adult Delegation Leaders will be attending the first session of the Seeds … FULL STORY

Apr 28, 2005

Peace Time: On a visit to Jordan, Texas and Arab teens continue dialogue

BY NANCY CHURNIN | The last time we visited the Texas and Arab teens who met and bonded through Seeds of Peace (“One teen at a time“), they told us how they listened to one another’s music, belly-danced, played sports and swapped tales about school. Best of all, they shared their wonder as they found that their friendship proved stronger than their different points of view at the International Camp held in Otisfield, Maine, at the end of August. The bonding … FULL STORY

Apr 13, 2005

Teach peace, then live in it

JEN FISH | OTISFIELD In the aftermath of a suicide bomb attack on Israel in the 1990s, Hazem Zanoun can remember how he and his fellow Palestinians waited fearfully for Israel’s response. And then he received a telephone call. The caller was an Israeli friend Zanoun had made while attending the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine. The phone call from an Israeli, asking him if he was OK and if he needed anything, is solid proof, Zanoun said, that Seeds … FULL STORY

Apr 2, 2005

15 Minutes: Aaron David Miller
(Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Read this as a PDF » In 2003, Aaron David Miller left his State Department post as a top Middle East peace negotiator and adviser to six secretaries of state to take the helm at Seeds of Peace, a nonprofit that brings together teenagers whose societies are in conflict. Seeds attempts, over the course of a summer at an unusual camp in Maine and through follow-up programming in conflict regions, to transform them into eventual leaders capable of seeking reconciliation. … FULL STORY

Mar 24, 2005

Real-life lessons in dispelling prejudice | THE WELLESLEY TOWNSMAN

Social studies teacher participates in organization brings together Arab, U.S. educators BY DENISE WIDMAN | During a family dinner one night before the recent presidential election, our sixth-grade daughter reflected, “I don’t understand why countries fight. Why can’t the leaders just talk and work things out?” It seems so simple—in theory. Yet, during the last few years, our middle school children have witnessed significant world strife: the 9/11 attacks; the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among others. … FULL STORY

Mar 14, 2005

King receives Seeds of Peace delegation

PETRA NEWS AGENCY | AMMAN His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday reaffirmed the importance of continued relentless efforts to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and establish comprehensive, just and lasting peace. Speaking to a visiting delegation of students participating in a Seeds of Peace camp, King Abdullah said Jordan was ready to help all concerned parties revive the peace process and encourage the Palestinians and the Israelis to remain fully committed to the implementation of the provisions of the roadmap peace plan … FULL STORY

Mar 9, 2005

61 young American and Arab Beyond Borders leaders reunite in Jordan

One-week exchange program through Seeds of Peace will build ties and reduce misunderstanding among Arabs and Americans AMMAN | Thirty-three Americans and 28 Arab teenagers from Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Yemen will meet in Amman next week to participate in the second part of Beyond Borders/Bila Hodood, an exchange program created by the international nonprofit organization Seeds of Peace. The group, that also includes 22 adult educators, will spend March 12-19, 2005, in discussions and lectures on various … FULL STORY

Feb 27, 2005

Diplomat sees both sides of Mideast conflict | SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS

BY MICHAEL TODD | He’s a U.S. diplomat who spent most of his career trying to find peace in the Mideast, and he now runs Seeds of Peace, a program that teaches youths on both sides of the divide leadership skills needed to avoid war. But Aaron David Miller doesn’t see either approach bringing peace. “It’s not the diplomats who can or will regulate what goes on between human beings. Seeds of Peace cannot end the Palestinian conflict, but neither … FULL STORY

Feb 16, 2005

Seeds of Peace hosts 7th Annual
'Bid for Peace Celebrity Auction'

Event features Christiane Amanpour, James Rubin and Richard Holbrooke, with live music by hip hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari and DJ Mark Ronson NEW YORK | In light of the recent events in the Middle East, the nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance coexistence, is now more important than ever. Tonight at the Copacabana, the Seeds of Peace Bid for Peace Celebrity Auction, now in its 7th year, helped … FULL STORY

Feb 15, 2005

W. Thomas Spencer secures $10,000 grant for Seeds of Peace from MDRT Foundation

NEW YORK | W. Thomas Spencer, CLU, ChFC, of Sudbury, Mass., secured a $10,000 grant from the MDRT Foundation on behalf of Seeds of Peace. Spencer, of the Spencer Insurance Agency, and a 27-year MDRT member is an active supporter of Seeds of Peace and endorsed the grant application to guide the charity through the application process. Seeds of Peace is a non-profit organization pairing teens from different religions and cultures in a camp setting and provide programs to dispel … FULL STORY

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