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Jul 22, 2009

Secretary Clinton praises Indian and Pakistani Seeds during first trip to India

NEW YORK | As part of her first trip to India as U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton praised the work of Seeds of Peace in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In a major speech delivered in New Delhi, Secretary Clinton said: “I know that there are Indian and Pakistani members of Seeds of Peace in the audience today who are working to transcend historic divides and begin to plant the seeds, however small, of understanding.” Shayam Kapadia, a young … FULL STORY

Jul 20, 2009

Clinton praises India-Pakistan students sowing 'seeds of peace' | TWOCIRCLES.NET

BY IANS | NEW DELHI Mahek Mansoor, a 15-year-old student from Pakistan couldn’t agree more with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she said that youngsters from both the countries can “sow seeds to transcend boundaries” at an event in Delhi University Monday. Mahek is one of five Pakistani students on an exchange programme here. But it’s her second visit to India and, in her own words, she is “enjoying every bit of it”. “We reached India day before … FULL STORY

Jul 17, 2009

US Department of State welcomes
Seeds of Peace in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON | Thanks to the continued support of the US Department of State, Bureau for South and Central Asian Affairs, Seeds from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan were invited to travel to Washington, D.C., after completing the first session of Camp. Seeds visited D.C. from July 14 to 16, where they were hosted by the State Department and the Afghan, Indian and Pakistani Embassies. The visit provided South Asian Seeds with a valuable opportunity to witness diplomacy in action. The core … FULL STORY

Jul 13, 2009

147 young leaders graduate from first session of International Camp

OTISFIELD, MAINE | On June 22, 147 young Afghan, Egyptian, Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani, Palestinian and American leaders arrived in Otisfield, Maine, to participate in the 17th summer season of the Seeds of Peace International Camp. As they entered the front gate, the Seeds of Peace flag was raised to signal the beginning of their intense three-week-long leadership training and conflict resolution program. Inside the gate, a new common identity was born among diverse national and religious backgrounds. When they … FULL STORY

Jun 29, 2009

Quest for Mideast peace drives camp
in 17th season | ASSOCIATED PRESS

OTISFIELD, MAINE | For the 17th year in a row, Israeli and Palestinian teenagers have come together at a summer camp in the western Maine woods to make new friendships, understand each other’s dreams and fears, and possibly lay a groundwork for peace in the Middle East. After January’s bloody fighting in Gaza, the emergence in March of a hardline government in Israel and continuing disunity among Palestinian factions, hopes for peace in the region may seem difficult to sustain. … FULL STORY

Jun 5, 2009

17 Palestinians and Israelis graduate from Seeds of Peace facilitation program

JERUSALEM | Seeds of Peace’s second Facilitators Training Course concluded on June 5 with a graduation ceremony for the 17 young adult participants from Israel and Palestine who now join the pool of dedicated, highly-skilled professionals who are helping Seeds to bridge the gap of understanding created by the conflict. Thanks to a generous grant from ExxonMobil, these 17 facilitators now have the skills they need to lead dialogue sessions between opposing parties. These skills will be useful to Seeds … FULL STORY

May 31, 2009

Seeds, staff and board members
ring NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

NEW YORK | In recognition of the impact of Seeds of Peace’s leadership training and conflict resolution programs, and in honor of the nearly 4,000 young ‘Seeds’ working to create more peaceful communities around the world, Seeds of Peace rang the opening bell of the NASDAQ Stock Market on May 26. NASDAQ Vice President David Wicks welcomed Seeds of Peace. “NASDAQ salutes the accomplishments of Seeds of Peace and applauds your continued commitment to empower today’s young leaders,” Wicks said. … FULL STORY

May 30, 2009

90 volunteers from Toll Brothers Inc.
get International Camp up and running

OTISFIELD, MAINE | On Saturday, May 30, over 90 dedicated volunteers from the New England Division of Toll Brothers Inc. helped prepare the Seeds of Peace International Camp for its 17th summer season. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Toll Brothers Inc. employees, vendors, sub-contractors, friends and family from all over the northeast have headed to Maine with their power tools, paint brushes, rakes and shovels, to prepare the camp for the arrival of over 300 young people from … FULL STORY

May 27, 2009

Governor Jon Corzine and ExxonMobil accept 2009 Peacemaker Awards

NEW YORK | On May 27, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine accepted the 2009 Peacemaker Award from Seeds of Peace at The Plaza Hotel in New York City for his outstanding work in promoting youth empowerment around the world. ExxonMobil also accepted the 2009 Corporate Peacemaker Award for their dedication to peace through women’s economic empowerment. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the evening went directly to support scholarships for young people from the Middle East and South Asia … FULL STORY

Apr 5, 2009

Israeli & Palestinian Seeds meet post war

Middle East programming 25 Israelis and Arab-Israelis gathered in the Arab city of Taibe on January 3rd for dialogue program. Read more » South Asia programming In February, Indian Seeds in Mumbai participated in Martin Luther King III’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his father’s pilgrimage to India. Read more » Seeds of Peace partners with the American School in London The American School in London (ASL) hosted Seeds of Peace in March for a week long conflict resolution … FULL STORY

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