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Oct 31, 2006

Sharon Stone supports Seeds of Peace

Entertainer hosts event aimed at uniting Middle East children LOS ANGELES | On November 13, 17-year-old Israeli-born international singer Liel, who has performed with the likes of the Scorpions, Elton John and Bono, will join with Lebanese singer Shadi Nadaf, Lebanese-born pianist Giovanni, legendary producer and musician David Foster, and other musicians for an unforgettable night of global music and entertainment. Hosted by Sharon Stone, the event will help raise funds for Seeds of Peace. “I spent weeks this summer … FULL STORY

Oct 20, 2006

The Peace Company honors Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace receives the Peace Millennium award BRISTOL, VERMONT | Seeds of Peace has been empowering young peace leaders from conflict zones since 1993. Beginning with Israeli and Palestinian youth, the program has grown to encompass the Middle East, South Asia, Cyprus, and the Balkans, with a roster now of more than 3,000 youth leaders from several conflict zones. Their summer camp program brings together teens from different factions or ethnic groups for a live-in experience with ‘the other,’ all … FULL STORY

Oct 18, 2006

Main suspect in October 2000 killing refused lie detector test six times

A police officer suspected of killing an Israeli Arab during the October 2000 riots refused to turn up for a polygraph examination five times in a row. The sixth time, when he did show up, he refused to answer more than one question and eventually left without being tested. The information comes from material about the death of Asel Asleh collected by the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigation Department (PID), which was later submitted to Adalah – the Legal Center for … FULL STORY

The PID is not convincing | HA'ARETZ (OP-ED)

The PID’s behavior was flawed throughout their investigation of the suspects of the October 2006 killings, and at times, it looked like a whitewash. Close attention should be paid to the harsh statements made by Professor Shimon Shamir, a member of the Or Commission, about the need for the Police Investigations Department (PID) to seriously examine itself. This is not the first time Shamir has attacked the PID. Back in September 2005, when the PID announced its decision not to … FULL STORY

Sep 27, 2006

Seeds of Peace announces new program initiatives developed at Action Summit

Organization also makes $1.2 million commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative to launch conflict resolution institute NEW YORK | Seeds of Peace announced a number of new initiatives today that were a direct result of the Action Summit held earlier this month at the Manhattanville College in New York. Thirty Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Jordanian Seeds graduates, whose involvement with Seeds of Peace stretches over a decade, spent four days together developing programs and networking initiatives to enable and foster … FULL STORY

Sep 14, 2006

Seeds of Peace to host Action Summit

Seeds of Peace empowers leaders of the next generation: 30 of them to meet this week NEW YORK | From September 16-20, 2006, Seeds of Peace program graduates will convene to develop concrete strategies to strengthen channels of communication and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis and to increase the impact of these initiatives in their communities. The Seeds of Peace Action Summit will bring together thirty Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Jordanian Seeds graduates whose involvement with Seeds of Peace stretches over … FULL STORY

Sep 7, 2006

Family Gathering | THE JERUSALEM POST

BY RYAN NADEL | JERUSALEM As the final rays of the summer sun drifted through the large windows, participants of the Seeds of Peace Cafe gathered in a luxuriously appointed room at the American Colony Hotel. The Seeds of Peace Cafe, a program run by the organization Seeds of Peace, is a forum for individuals from Jewish, Arab and Christian communities to become acquainted with each other in an apolitical environment. “The Cafe allows people to learn about each other’s customs,” … FULL STORY

Aug 7, 2006

Peace Camp's Sense of Hope Unshaken

OTISFIELD, MAINE | The Seeds of Peace camp that brings together teenagers from warring countries and cultures is accustomed to disruptions stemming from events thousands of miles away. This summer, however, camp has been especially tense. Pakistani and Indian teenagers were attending the opening session when terrorists bombed trains in Bombay, killing more than 200 people. Then Israel responded to border raids by Hezbollah by launching its offensive into Lebanon. Discussions were heated. Many campers said they wanted to leave … FULL STORY

Aug 2, 2006

Worlds apart: Basketball camp sows seeds of peace | BOSTON HERALD

BY MARK MURPHY | OTISFIELD, MAINE A lucious dawn settled on Pleasant Lake as the local Loch Ness Monster, Brian Scalabrine, crawled to the edge and then unfolded his 6-foot-9 frame out of the water. Not far away on a picnic table, LaMarcus Aldridge made a silent whistle and shook his head while watching the Celtics veteran’s cross-lake swim, which covered approximately a mile under the guide of a rowing camp counselor. “That’s good for him, but not me, man,” said … FULL STORY

Aug 1, 2006

Using the game to spread peace | ESPN

BY B.J. ARMSTRONG | OTISFIELD, MAINE The news from the Middle East, and much of the recent history for that region, has been rather bleak. But the news from an international summer youth camp is bright.I participated in a basketball clinic at the “Seeds of Peace” camp, an organization that brings together teens from areas of conflict in the hopes that the best and brightest from the next generation can figure out a way to help their people into an … FULL STORY

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