GATHER Artivism Fellow, 2022


Creator, social entrepreneur, director.

Or is an artist, social entrepreneur and screenwriter, a film and stage director, and the co-founder, artistic and creative director of Koolulam, an initiative that aims to bring people together through art. He is also a graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film School.

In 2002, at the age of 17, Or led efforts to organize the disabled community in Israel. In 2003, he was named “Volunteer of the Year” by B’nai B’rith International. Later, he held pivotal roles in social projects such as “Zikaron Basalon” (Memory in the Living Room) and “Krembo Wings.” Or has directed a number of television shows, several short films as well as advertisements for leading television campaigns. In 2018, his comedic network series “Not Everything is Pink” gained national success.

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“I believe in the power of art. Every day. Everything makes me want to create—it could be my breakfast and it could be a person that I just met on the street. To me, art is everything and it is my first language.”