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Jan 30, 2016

Israeli Educators visit West Bank,
meet with Israeli, Palestinian activists

JERUSALEM | Thirty-five Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli Seeds of Peace Educators and their spouses spent January 29 in the southern West Bank visiting with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists at a center that engages Israelis and Palestinians in dialogue and at the Israeli settlement of Tekoa. “We met people who do not lose their humanity, who emphatically say ‘no’ to violence,” said one of the Seeds of Peace Educators. “It was exciting. There is no doubt that the visit created new … FULL STORY

Jan 28, 2016

Community project in Gaza hosts education camp for 53 children

JERUSALEM | Fifty-three children took part in a seven-day Bara’em El Salam (“Sprouts of Peace”) Winter Solidarity Camp in Gaza City that taught active learning, critical thinking, creativity, and social awareness. The program was run by the Shijaeya Community Project and organized by Seeds of Peace staff and ten volunteers. The January camp took advantage of the winter school break to introduce new children and families to the Project and included a day with the Qattan Centre for the Child, … FULL STORY

Jan 26, 2016

Maine Seeds share identities through Maine College of Art project

PORTLAND, MAINE | Seeds of Peace has continued it’s It Starts with ME storytelling project with the Maine College of Art. Fifteen Maine Seeds have spent the last few months creating sound slides that pair photos with audio recordings at the College and the Portland Public Library. Joel Tsui, a student at the Maine College of Art, taught the Seeds photography and audio recording and editing skills in order to capture and share their complex identities on topics such as … FULL STORY

Jan 25, 2016

Pakistani Seeds take part in one day educational trip to Sialkot, border

LAHORE | Twenty-five Seeds, Educators, and friends visited the India-Pakistan border on January 24 and toured the historic city of Sialkot. The Seeds met with border rangers and engaged in a dialogue about the tense situation on the border. In Sialkot, the Seeds visited pre-Partition Hindu residences, the home of national poet Allama Iqbal, Lady Anderson High School and Murray College, as well as a Sikh temple. “Coming to this Sikh temple gave me another perspective how diverse this region … FULL STORY

Jan 18, 2016

Seeds hone negotiation, mediation skills in training led by Harvard Law faculty

NICOSIA, CYPRUS | Forty-two Seeds from the Middle East, the United States, and the United Kingdom took part in an intensive four-day training in Cyprus on negotiation and mediation led by students and faculty from Harvard Law School. The program was held in Nicosia from January 14-17. During the training, Seeds examined real life negotiation and mediation case studies and learned about theories behind effective strategies to settling disputes. “I also learned how to show people that I’m listening to … FULL STORY

Jan 13, 2016

American Seeds take part in mediation, facilitation workshop in New York City

NEW YORK | Eighteen American and Maine Seeds took part in a weekend workshop on mediation and facilitation on January 9th and 10th in New York. The goal of training is to provide Seeds with the skills to run dialogue sessions or create facilitated spaces in their schools and communities. Moroccan Seed Alia Lahlou led the training and two Maine Seeds shared their experiences running dialogue initiatives in their high school and college. “One of Maine Seeds brought up the … FULL STORY

Dec 28, 2015

Afghan Seeds use $250 grant
to clean up orphanage in Kabul

KABUL | Afghan Seeds who were awarded a $250 grant by Seeds of Peace at the 2015 Afghan Leadership Camp used it to organize and execute a clean up at a local orphanage on December 27. Over 40 volunteers joined the Seeds, who purchased and distributed cleaning supplies, and then joined in the clean up. The Tahea Maskan Orphanage director thanked the volunteers for their work, and the Seeds committed to further volunteer work at the orphanage.

Dec 26, 2015

60 Gaza Seeds, educators, family convene

GAZA | Sixty Seeds, Educators, parents, friends, and family met in Gaza City on December 24 for an evening of fellowship, food, celebration, and planning. Seeds of Peace staff in Gaza recapped the programming year, which included sending Gazan campers to Maine and Jerusalem, the Shijaeya Community Project, workshops for educators, and numerous local programs for Seeds. The group then discussed programming for 2016.

Dec 21, 2015

Jordanian Seeds of Peace community hosts year-end holiday celebration

AMMAN | Eighty Jordanian Seeds, Educators, parents, and staff celebrated the holidays together on December 20 in Amman. Seeds of Peace Middle East Programs Director Omar Tayeh noted that this year, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday coincided, and reflected on Christianity and Islam’s shared values of compassion and peace—values also at the core of Seeds of Peace. Tayeh also talked about the future of Seeds of Peace programs and the goal of increasing broader community involvement in programming. Guests … FULL STORY

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