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May 17, 2016

VIDEO: Courage to Lead Change

Seeds of Peace is working to support young leaders living in communities divided by conflict to accelerate social, economic, and political changes essential for peace—from our Camp in Maine, to year-round regional leadership programs, to alumni convenings and Fellowships.

Apr 11, 2016

Seeds in UK take part in dialogue facilitation workshop

LONDON | Seeds in the United Kingdom took part in a two-day dialogue facilitation workshop led by Middle East Program Director Maayan Poleg. “The workshop gave the participants a foundation in facilitation,” said Seeds of Peace Programs and Events Associate Clarke Reeves. “It included the presentation of facilitation tools, how to set up a facilitated space, and the chance to practice facilitation in the group.” The April 9-10 program was hosted at the American School of London. The group chose … FULL STORY

Apr 8, 2016

New York teen raises funds to send
6 Israeli, Palestinian girls to Camp

‘Girls for Peace in the Middle East’ Bat Mitzvah project raises $30,000 NEW YORK | When Lili Wilson began planning her Bat Mitzvah, she knew she wanted Seeds of Peace to be a part of it. “My whole life, I have been learning about Israel at my Hebrew school,” she says. “I first began to question the nature of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in 2014 during the summer of the Israel-Gaza war. I no longer wanted to see … FULL STORY

Mar 13, 2016

Seeds organize Maine, New England youth summits to address education issues

PORTLAND | Dozens of Maine Seeds from across the state hosted the 4th Annual Maine Youth Summit on March 10 and 11 and helped run the New England Youth Identity Summit on March 12. Both events highlighted the power of young people to create meaningful cultural and policy change in their schools, with Maine Seeds sharing their work, facilitating dialogue sessions, and learning with and from their peers. “We focused on the power and potential of young people to create … FULL STORY

Mar 8, 2016

Seeds of Peace UK hosts peacebuilding showcase at House of Lords

LONDON | Over 80 Israel, Palestinian, and UK Seeds and supporters represented Seeds of Peace at the House of Lords in London on March 8 during a meeting of grassroots peace organizations convened by Lord Stone of Blackheath and attended by the British Government Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood. Seeds of Peace was joined by Peace Factory, One Voice Europe, and Unity – Jewish Muslim Women’s Forum and was designed to showcase effective grassroots peacebuilding initiatives. The event … FULL STORY

Mar 5, 2016

Over 700 Palestinians, Israelis
attend GATHER Community Days

JERUSALEM | Over 700 Seeds, parents, educators, and friends convened in Jericho on February 27 and Tel Aviv on March 4 for two GATHER Community Days in Palestine and Israel to recognize the impact our alumni are having in their communities and take part in workshops, trainings, and networking sessions. GATHER is a Seeds of Peace initiative that supports practical action to advance social change and impact conflict. The day-long convenings marked the first time ever that Seeds of Peace … FULL STORY

Feb 11, 2016

Parents of Israeli and Palestinian Seeds,
Educators continue dialogue series

JERUSALEM | Parents of Seeds have been meeting monthly as part of a dialogue series that parallels the dialogue program held at the Seeds of Peace Camp. During the meetings, which are held separately for Jewish and Arab parents of Israeli Seeds, and for parents of Palestinian Seeds in the West Bank, participants discuss topics related to the experiences of their children, as well as topics related to the conflict in their daily life. For example, 11 Palestinian parents met … FULL STORY

Pakistani Seeds and Educators
host National Integration Camp

LAHORE | Fourteen Pakistani Seeds and Educators organized a weeklong National Integration Camp for 71 high school students and educators from across Pakistan from February 1-7. The camp program promotes understanding and tolerance between communities in Pakistan, with participants representing the cities of Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, and Peshawar. The campers worked to built trust through sports and other fun activities and took part in sessions that tackled national and interprovincial issues through dialogue, leadership development, and community action project … FULL STORY

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