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Nov 23, 2015

Stories of Support

It is because of the incredible efforts of the Seeds of Peace community that we are able to continuously advance our work. We are amazed by the dedication and passion of our supporters every day. Here are some stories of support, highlighting the creative ways in which Seeds of Peace supporters ensure our vision is moving forward with strong momentum. Amanda Peet—Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein In the summer of 2014, actress Amanda Peet was co-authoring the children’s book, Dear … FULL STORY

Nov 2, 2015

Seeds explore Lahore's history
of religious, ethnic tolerance

LAHORE | Thirty-five Pakistani Seeds and supporters took a tour of Lahore, Pakistan’s walled city on November 1. They learned that at one time, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs all lived together in the region, showcasing tolerance in the country’s history. Partnering with Walled City Lahore, the group explored the cultural history and heritage of Pakistan’s second-largest city and the world’s 16th-largest metropolis. “It was a learning experience and was very spiritual,” said Program Coordinator Imran Khan. “Many of the seeds … FULL STORY

Oct 29, 2015

Seeds of Peace UK screens documentary film 'Within the Eye of the Storm'

LONDON | Seeds of Peace UK hosted a screening of the documentary “Within the Eye of the Storm” for over 40 supporters. The film shares the story of how personal tragedy brought together two Israeli and Palestinian fathers to work for peace. The October 26 event was held at London offices of Brown Rudnick, and included a post-screening discussion with the film’s director, Shelley Hermon.

Oct 28, 2015

Jordanian Seeds take part in program
on communications, team-building

AMMAN | Twelve Jordanian Seeds took part in communications and team-building exercises on October 27 in Ajloun and Jerash. Seeds compared the program to activities held at the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine, where campers dealt with “in-group” and “out-group” members. “The activities required all participants to confront their fears and challenge themselves by the help and support of their community members,” said Jordanian Program Coordinator Farah Bdour. One participant said the program reminded him of his experiences at … FULL STORY

Oct 16, 2015

Seeds, friends reflect on challenges posed by traditional Afghan society

KABUL | Twenty-three Seeds and friends gathered to discuss the challenges of daily life in Afghan society. With facilitator and sociologist Ali Faye asking questions regarding how the students operate at home and at school, the students were able to hear stories from their peers and establish empathy within the group. “In conservative and closed societies, it is so rare to share stories of real life, particularly family problems,” said Faye. “However, I witnessed students (who) were talking about problems … FULL STORY

Oct 15, 2015

GATHER Fellows convene in London

LONDON | The inaugural class of GATHER fellows met in the United Kingdom for a week of learning, inspiration and networking experience aimed at accelerating the impact of their work and projects. During the October 9-14 retreat, the Fellows met at Impact Hub Westminster and other locations around the city. Throughout the week, the Fellows benefited from a series of trainings and workshops, in addition to networking with local business and industry leaders. Other connections with over 40 UK-based social … FULL STORY

Oct 10, 2015

Interview with GATHER Fellow | BBC NEWS

LONDON | Julian Marshall interviews 2015-2016 GATHER Fellow Nousha on BBC World Service’s Newshour programme about the Syrian refugee crisis and Nousha’s Amal ou Salam project. Listen to the entire program above or on the BBC’s website ››

Oct 9, 2015


Oct 5, 2015

Seeds, supporters celebrate Bridges
to Peace in cities around the world

NEW YORK | Over 400 Seeds and supporters celebrated Bridges to Peace over three weekends during September and October by taking part in one of several events in conjunction with International Day of Peace. From Augusta and New York to Lahore and Mumbai, Seeds, Educators, volunteers, and supporters gathered to discuss the issues regarding peace in their communities and to raise awareness for Seeds of Peace by crossing bridges in the heart of their cities. Maine Seeds and supporters kicked … FULL STORY

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