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Aug 20, 2014

Rethinking Pakistan and India's
shared history | BBC

It’s based on a whole new history book for schools and it combines the narrative on the same historic events, as told by the different sides, printed side by side, for an understanding into each others view… In a unique project, a group of young people place two versions of history taught in textbooks in India and Pakistan in order to introduce an alternative, neutral narrative to the students. Accounts of major events have diverged widely. The initial project was … FULL STORY

Aug 11, 2014

Embiid, Grant Visit
Seeds of Peace Camp | NBA.COM

The NBA offseason is a time for players to rest their bodies, to train, and to mentally prepare themselves for the long season ahead. But it is also a time for them to touch communities with which they are not able to connect during the busier half of their year. On Friday, five current and former NBA players traveled to Southern Maine, where 182 young leaders from regions of conflict in the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States … FULL STORY

Aug 9, 2014

Emotions run high at Seeds of Peace camp in Maine amid Israeli-Palestinian conflict | BANGOR DAILY NEWS

OTISFIELD, Maine — As young campers emerged from cabins on Thursday morning, some were holding each other crying, while others laughed and sang songs. Emotions have run high during this session of Seeds of Peace, a camp that brings teenagers from opposing sides of conflict zones around the world to the Maine woods for three weeks each summer. The campers, about 180 of them, come from the United States, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. They also come from warring … FULL STORY

Camp brings together Israeli
and Palestinian teens | BOSTON HERALD

As warfare continues in the Gaza strip, Israeli and Palestinian teens at camp in Maine struggle to find common ground.

Aug 8, 2014

Scalabrine, Smart lead fun at Seeds

OTISFIELD — The chant of “Mam-ba, Mam-ba” started as Brian Scalabrine sliced through the crowd and exchanged high fives. It built until its crescendo could be heard across Pleasant Lake as Scalabrine stood triumphantly before 200 campers, counselors and on-lookers at Seeds of Peace. Making what he estimated was his 12th appearance at the camp on a sun-splashed Friday, the former Boston Celtics forward known as “The White Mamba” had the crowd of teenagers from some of the world’s most … FULL STORY

Former Celt praises Seeds of Peace campers | WMTW (ABC)

NBA players, including the Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart and former player Brian Scalabrine, paid a visit to Seeds of Peace camp on Friday. More than 180 campers from around the world attended the NBA Day event. More than half of the campers are Israeli or Palestinian. One goal of Seeds of Peace is to have an open dialogue between youth from around the world. Scalabrine, who is now working as a basketball analyst, has visited the camp before, but he … FULL STORY

Celtics Smart choice! | WGME (CBS)

Boston Celtics Rookie Guard Marcus Smart is helping out at the Seeds of Peace Camp this week and is having a blast being a Celtic!

NBA players bring basketball,
fun to Seeds of Peace campers

As conflict continues in the Middle East, the players and campers from conflict zones learn from each other. OTISFIELD — Having fun. It’s what kids should be doing. A group of NBA players made sure that happened Friday when they visited the Seeds of Peace camp, a program that brings together young people from conflict zones to meet their historic enemies and form relationships they can carry back to their countries in the hope of finding peaceful solutions. It’s hard … FULL STORY

Celtics rookie excited
for Seeds of Peace camp | BOSTON HERALD

After one of his first visits to Seeds of Peace camp, and witnessing the rare interactions between Israeli and Palestinian youths, former NBA player B.J. Armstrong was quickly humbled. “We talk about war, but these kids have lived it,” he said. “The thing I’ve learned from this is that I don’t know anything.” Celtics rookie Marcus Smart will receive his own education in the world’s most unrelenting conflict today, when the camp holds its annual NBA players clinic. Agent Arn … FULL STORY

NBA players visit Seeds of Peace camp

OTISFIELD, Maine | Campers at the Seeds of Peace camp got to take a break from intense dialogues about war and conflict to spend time on the court with some famous faces. NBA players came to the camp in Otisfield to hold a hoops clinic. The 180 campers from areas of conflict in the Middle East and South Asia learned from several players, including NBA veteran and former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, and Celtics number one draft pick Marcus Smart. “This … FULL STORY

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