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Apr 14, 2014

Maine Seeds share education policy proposals with Harvard Law Students

BOSTON | Six Maine Seeds spoke to Harvard Law School students about education policy on April 14. The Seeds were invited by Professor Charles Ogeltree, a prominent civil rights lawyer and founder of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. Seeds explained how the international Seeds of Peace Camp model was adapted in 1999 and applied to Maine, and shared their reflections on education policy in the state. “You have the ability to make a difference when it … FULL STORY

Apr 11, 2014

Maine Seeds participate in World Affairs Council summit on Citizen Diplomacy

PORTLAND | On April 11, Maine Seeds joined the World Affairs Council (WAC) of Maine’s Summit on Citizen Diplomacy. The topic of this year’s summit was “Citizen Diplomacy through Education: Promoting Awareness, Networking, and Partnerships.” The event was a great opportunity for Seeds to share the work they do in the context of Seeds of Peace, and to network with other people invested in the field. The Summit, which took place at the University of Southern Maine, was focused on … FULL STORY

Mar 29, 2014

Maine Seeds organize dialogue to find solutions to high school problems

PORTLAND | On March 29, Maine Seeds from five Portland High Schools held an open dialogue session at the Portland Public Library to address pressing issues they face in their schools. These ranged from problems with the English Language Learners programs (ELL), tension between the differing global and national perspectives in school culture, and LGBTQ bullying, and stereotyping by both students and teachers. The dialogue session was student-led, empowering the teenagers to find solutions together. Ideas generated during the solution-seeking … FULL STORY

Mar 27, 2014

Syracuse Seeds meet with Mayor Miner

SYRACUSE, NY | On March 27, three Seeds represented the Syracuse Seeds program in a lunch meeting with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. Cimone Jordan, Anna Nguyen, and Abdinoor Mohamed met with Mayor Miner at City Hall to inform her of the various efforts that Seeds are involved in and future program plans. Additionally, the Seeds presented Mayor Miner with a letter requesting the proclamation of August 22 as “Syracuse Seeds of Peace Day.” “We ask that you proclaim August 22 … FULL STORY

Mar 9, 2014

58 Maine Seeds address challenges facing state's education system

PORTLAND | High school student leaders from across the state met March 8 to find solutions to challenges facing Maine’s education system as part of the Seeds of Peace Maine Youth Summit on Education in Portland. The goal of the 2nd Annual Youth Summit was to empower Maine youth to communicate their educational needs while also providing a forum in which they could discuss the issues with influential policy makers. The students hailed from 14 public and private high schools … FULL STORY

Mar 4, 2014

Seeds of Peace India program director helps 450 youth engage in social change

MUMBAI | To gain a better understanding of how to engage Seeds in social change, Seeds of Peace India Programs Director Sagar Gangurde recently joined 450 Indian youth for an 8,000 kilometer train journey across India. The 15-day Jagriti Yatra experience focused on social enterprise, an area of increasing focus for Seeds of Peace, which aims to empower Seeds to pursue their own social change projects after Camp. Sagar helped participants aboard the train gain inspiration for building India through … FULL STORY

Feb 21, 2014

Maine Seeds hone communication skills

PORTLAND | As part of a youth empowerment and leadership workshop series, nearly 30 teenage students came together in Portland for a day of learning and skill-building. Developing Effective Communication Skills for Leadership was the first of a four-week long leadership intensive program put on by Cultivating Community, a Maine-based organization that works to grow sustainable communities by feeding the hungry, empowering youth and the community, and promoting sustainable agriculture. Seven of the students in the program are Seeds. Leading … FULL STORY

Jan 15, 2014

Seeds explore critical issues through Community Dialogues in Haifa, Nazareth

JERUSALEM | As part of an ongoing series of Community Dialogues, in which Seeds identify, design, and implement programs based on what they perceive as the most important conflict-related issues facing their communities internally, 27 Israeli Seeds and friends visited Nazareth in early January for a day of learning and engagement. The participants spent their time in the majority-Arab city engaging in critical conversation, exploration, and understanding of the different populations living within Israel. The participants heard directly from Nazareth … FULL STORY

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