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Mar 15, 2015

VIDEO: A New Generation of Leadership 'In Practice, In the Present, Like Right Now'

In February of 2015, over 200 changemakers from 20 countries around the world met in Jordan for GATHER+962 to take practical steps towards transforming conflict in and between their communities. GATHER, a Seeds of Peace initiative, marked a new milestone in Seeds of Peace’s journey as a global leadership development organization. Matt Courey, Vice President of the Seeds of Peace Board of Directors, shared why this matters at the opening of the inaugural event. “The world has changed since Seeds … FULL STORY

Mar 10, 2015

Next goal for Seeds of Peace:
Putting campers to work

Seeds of Peace, a US-based organization with over two decades of experience in the Middle East, is expanding to include a wider spectrum of actors. DEAD SEA, JORDAN | This may not seem like a propitious time for peace in the Middle East. But Seeds of Peace, which has become one of the region’s most recognized peace-building initiatives since hosting its first summer camp for Israeli and Palestinian teens in 1993, is seeking to expand its reach. While the organization … FULL STORY

Mar 5, 2015

GATHER: A New Seeds of Peace Action-oriented Initiative

DEAD SEA, JORDAN | In February, over 200 changemakers from more than 20 countries around the world met in Jordan to take practical steps towards transforming conflict in and between their communities. GATHER+962, a Seeds of Peace initiative, marked a new milestone in Seeds of Peace’s journey as a global leadership development organization. The three-day convening formally launched a larger Seeds of Peace initiative to help accelerate the efforts of Graduate Seeds and other leaders in their communities. Mohamed Rahmy, … FULL STORY

Dec 22, 2014

Indian Seeds organize inaugural interfaith camp for 21 students

MUMBAI | Nine Seeds organized the first-ever Seeds of Peace interfaith camp in India for 21 Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, and Christian partner-school students. The goal of the Interfaith Harmony Camp, held in Karjat from December 19-21 and modeled after a similar camp organized by Pakistani Seeds, is to allow participants to examine the prejudices they hold about other religious beliefs. Campers gained an appreciation of the diverse faiths and customs that exists within Indian society, as well as commonalities … FULL STORY

Dec 13, 2014

Seeds of Peace helps educators gain leadership skills for times of crisis

JERUSALEM | Seeds of Peace staff and Educators hosted two USAID-funded capacity building workshops on educational leadership in times of crisis for Palestinian and Israeli educators in December. The workshop for 39 Palestinian educators took place in Jericho on December 5 and 6; the 26 Israeli educators met in Kibbutz Nachsholim on December 12 and 13. Both endeavored to deepen trust, commitment, and support between Seeds of Peace educators and allies, and provided participants with the opportunity for safe, productive … FULL STORY

Dec 3, 2014

Breaking the Impasse's Yossi Vardi addresses Seeds of Peace supporters

NEW YORK | Twenty Seeds of Peace supporters joined high-tech Israeli entrepreneur and peace advocate Yossi Vardi for a discussion over breakfast on December 2. For over 40 years, Vardi has worked in both the public and private spheres as the CEO of TEKEM, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Energy, and an advisor to the World Bank and UNDP. Vardi has also founded and built over 60 high-tech companies, driven by his vision that all sectors of Israeli … FULL STORY

Nov 29, 2014

Jordanian Seeds discuss environmental peacebuilding initiatives with EcoPeace

AMMAN | Twenty Jordanian Seeds traveled to the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Ecopark on November 28 for a briefing on environmental peacebuilding with EcoPeace–Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME). FoEME brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists and activists to work toward sustainable regional development and to promote the necessary environmental conditions for lasting peace in the region. The seminar began with a presentation by Liza Kawar, the Good Water Neighbors/Youth Coordinator at FoEME. She explained how resources are shared … FULL STORY

Nov 25, 2014

Stories of Support

It is because of the incredible efforts of the Seeds of Peace community that we are able to continuously advance our work. We are amazed by the dedication and passion of our supporters everyday.  Here are some stories of support, highlighting the creative ways in which Seeds of Peace supporters  ensure ourvision is moving forward with strong momentum. The Peacemaker Project In the midst of heightened conflict in the Middle East this past summer, American Seed Jenna Flug wanted more … FULL STORY

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