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Sep 24, 2014

Seed Voices | Qasim & Ayyaz

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Sep 23, 2014

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: Seeds of Peace "is the future"

NEW YORK | In a speech on the eve of the United Nations General Assembly meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas outlined his vision for peace and pointed skeptics to Seeds of Peace. “To those who say peace between Israelis and Palestinians is impossible, I say, let them visit America. I say, let them visit Maine,” he said to an audience at Cooper Union college on September 22. “In Maine every summer, young Palestinians, Israelis, Americans, Arabs, and others meet in … FULL STORY

Sep 20, 2014

27 Syracuse Seeds participate in Day
of Peace Summit at the United Nations

NEW YORK | Syracuse Seeds joined more than 500 participants at the United Nations International Day of Peace Summit on September 19. The 27 Seeds traveled from Syracuse to New York City in order to share their projects that advance peace in their communities with a global audience. The program brought together students from across the country as well as youth delegations from Africa via live real-time video. Participants shared visions of global peace before the Ambassadors of Peace panel, … FULL STORY

Sep 19, 2014

25 Maine educators, Seeds strengthen dialogue, conflict transformation skills

AUGUSTA, MAINE | Six Maine Seeds and 18 educators from six different schools across Maine met at Cony High School on September 19 for a day-long seminar about Seeds of Peace programs in the state. The goals of the seminar were to help Maine educators strengthen their conflict transformation and dialogue skills, and to provide them with a deeper understanding of Seeds of Peace’s work. The educators can then act as adult allies to the Seeds in their schools, helping … FULL STORY

Sep 17, 2014

Seeds of Peace responds to flawed, inaccurate Ha'aretz column

The Ha’aretz newspaper published a column by Matthew Kalman on September 15 titled “Will seeds of peace ever bloom.” The piece is very similar to a 2008 San Francisco Chronicle article by Kalman that also juxtaposes statistics from an unpublished 2008 study on various Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding programs with an interview with a Seed. This is Seeds of Peace’s response to the article. There has been no response from Ha’aretz or Kalman. Dear Matthew, I very much appreciate that, like your … FULL STORY

Sep 15, 2014

150 Bridges to Peace walkers in Maine raise $3,400 for Seeds of Peace mission

AUGUSTA, MAINE | Over 150 Seeds, educators, and community members came together on September 14 to raise support and awareness for Seeds of Peace as part of Bridges to Peace 2014. The walk raised $3,400, led by students at South Portland High School and Kents Hill School. United Somali Women of Maine Director and Seed mother Fatuma Hussein delivered an opening speech about the possibility of peace and social change in Maine. The walkers then made their way to the … FULL STORY

Sep 10, 2014

Seeds of Peace: Not blind patriotism

Participants from regions of conflict attend a camp and discussed issues like the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir A group of teenagers who participated in this year’s Seeds of Peace camp returned from their three week tour at Maine, United States of America. Seeds of Peace was founded by American journalist John Wallach in 1993. The idea was to get people from the regions of conflict to come together and speak to each other so that they can understand the situation … FULL STORY

Aug 29, 2014

Maine summer camp gives kids from Israel, Gaza seeds for peace | FUSION

With tensions simmering in the Middle East, a bucolic lakeside summer camp in Otisfield, Maine, took 95 Israeli and Palestinian out of the conflict zone and hosted them as campers this month for a unique bonding experience. Some 6,000 miles removed from the fighting back home, the kids get to know one another in the woods of Maine, hoping that the lessons they learn at sleepover camp will one day help them work for peace back home. The camp, called … FULL STORY

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