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Oct 28, 2014

Fall 2014 | NEWSLETTER

Jun 17, 2014

How to build peace, one teenager
at a time | Christian Science Monitor

BOSTON — It is not uncommon for people to roll their eyes when I tell them I work in the field of peacebuilding. Given that my work focuses on the Middle East and South Asia, people often joke that I am terrible at my job. I understand this reaction: It’s hard to look at the state of affairs in these regions and feel optimistic. Each day brings a fresh wave of injustice, violence, and political cowardice. And yet, I am … FULL STORY

Oct 11, 2013

'Written in Scars Live': Jack Savoretti to release single supporting Seeds of Peace

LONDON | London-based singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti has released a single in support of the 5,000 Seeds of Peace graduates working for change in conflict regions. A song of change, “Written in Scars (Live)” is influenced by the movement of people around the world marching in the streets for a better tomorrow. “It is about taking things into your own hands when the current situation warrants so, regardless of the harm that may come,” says Savoretti. “It’s a brave song for … FULL STORY

Oct 7, 2013

Peace Train marathon runners raise $20K

LONDON | Eleven Seeds of Peace supporters in the UK ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 6, raising over $20,000 for Seeds of Peace programs. The group, calling themselves the ‘Peace Train,’ trained regularly at 4 a.m. for the race. Three of the runners are Seeds of Peace UK Steering Committee members. “Getting to Mile 11 my knees practically gave out on me,” said runner Matthew Courey. “I looked in front of me and noticed that a lot … FULL STORY

Jul 15, 2012

Game Changers brings 60 Seeds to Ireland to explore conflict transformation

DUBLIN | ALIA LAHLOU This July, approximately 60 Seeds from the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States are coming together in Ireland to learn about past approaches to international conflicts, with an emphasis on peace-building processes between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. While focusing on the people, events, and ideas that lead to a “game-change” in situations of conflict and war, delegates at the week-long international conference consider practical ways to apply the lessons they are learning … FULL STORY

Apr 13, 2012

Seeds of Peace announces new Ireland Game Changers program for summer 2012

60 youth leaders from the Middle East, South Asia, and US to meet in Dublin; Sen. George Mitchell to serve as conference’s honorary chairman NEW YORK | In July 2012, approximately 60 youth leaders from the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States will come together in Ireland to explore the lessons of past peace processes and consider practical steps that could move their communities toward peace. The program represents the first collaboration between the Irish American Peace Foundation and Seeds of … FULL STORY

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