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Aug 13, 2013

Milestone: 5,000th Seed graduates
from Seeds of Peace leadership program

OTISFIELD, MAINE | Seeds of Peace is celebrating the graduation of its 5,000th Seed from the organization’s intensive leadership program at the Seeds of Peace International Camp. “5,000 is a significant milestone,” said Seeds of Peace Executive Director Leslie Lewin. “We look to reach as many people as possible, and invest heavily in each of these Seeds so that they are equipped to become effective agents of change who are able to impact their wider communities. I am so proud … FULL STORY

Aug 2, 2013

Educators examine ways to teach history that mitigate conflict

OTISFIELD, MAINE | This summer, educators from around the world gathered in Maine to participate in Making History: Pluralism, Peace and the Past, Seeds of Peace’s third annual Educators Course. The two-week session explored ways in which history contributes to conflict and the role history education can play in encouraging mutual respect, cross-cultural understanding, pluralism, and a more humane and peaceful future. “The primary question we are concerned with is how educators can engage with the past in a way … FULL STORY

Jul 23, 2013

122 Maine, Syracuse teens tackle divides within their schools and communities

Second session of International Camp also bringing together 30 educatorsfrom conflict regions to examine ways to teach history that encourage peace OTISFIELD, MAINE | On July 23, 99 teenagers from Maine and 23 from Syracuse, New York, will arrive at the Seeds of Peace International Camp to engage in dialogue, build leadership skills, and tackle intercommunal tensions. Joining them will be 30 educators from regions of conflict around the world who are taking part in the Camp’s third annual Educators … FULL STORY

Jul 6, 2013

Egyptians at camp in Maine watch events unfold in homeland from more than 5,000 miles away | ASSOCIATED PRESS

OTISFIELD, Maine | Nearly two-dozen Egyptians who arrived in Maine last month at a special camp aimed at helping Israeli and Arab teens overcome their differences will return home to a country that ousted its leader following the largest demonstrations seen in their homeland. Read the rest of David Sharp’s article in The Washington Post ››

Jun 26, 2013

Message of hope kicks off Seeds of Peace camp | LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL

OTISFIELD, MAINE | The answer is simply hope. That was the message Lina, a young Palestine resident, gave to more than 200 Seeds of Peace campers who gathered Wednesday morning to raise their nation’s flags and join hands and voices in a unity unknown in some of their homelands. “Here at the Seeds of Peace, I learned there is still hope in the world,” said Lina, who lives on a small patch of land occupied by the Israeli military — … FULL STORY

Jun 14, 2013

Seeds of Peace Camp to kick off summer with flagraising ceremony on June 26

OTISFIELD, MAINE | Seeds of Peace will graduate its 5,000th young peacebuilder this summer from its International Camp in Otisfield. On June 26, over 200 Afghan, American, Egyptian, Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani, and Palestinian youth ages 14-17 will raise the Seeds of Peace flag to open the organization’s 39th session of Camp. The flagraising ceremony will inaugurate a summer of dialogue and leadership development as campers engage across lines of conflict with people they once considered bitter enemies. Among the … FULL STORY

Jun 9, 2013

75 Toll Bros. volunteers ready Camp for 300 young leaders from conflict regions

OTISFIELD, MAINE | Dozens of volunteer carpenters, landscapers, painters, plumbers and electricians affiliated with Toll Brothers are spending June 8 preparing the Seeds of Peace International Camp for its 21st summer of work with youth from the Middle East, South Asia and Maine. “I am very happy with the work we accomplished on the 15th Toll Brothers Seeds of Peace day,” said Shawn Nuckolls, Senior Project Manager at Toll Brothers. “Our annual Camp clean-up day has become a great tradition … FULL STORY

Aug 22, 2012

Interview with Maine Seeds | BBC NEWS

Lucy Ash (BBC): Hello this is Lucy Ash with Outlook from the BBC World Service. Today, why does a tranquil corner of New England need Middle East-style conflict resolution … Just over a decade ago, the state of Maine on the East Coast was labeled the whitest state in America. But in the last 12 years, refugees from dozens of countries have settled in the New England state. This change in the population has created tensions, as the so-called “New Mainers” try to … FULL STORY

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