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Sep 15, 2013

Teens cross Augusta’s Memorial Bridge for Seeds of Peace | KENNEBEC JOURNAL

AUGUSTA | The 100 or so golden-shirted teens striding across Memorial Bridge Sunday morning proclaimed their support of Seeds of Peace, an organization aiming to inspire leadership and cross-cultural understanding among youngsters. It was the second year a group marched across a bridge in the state for that cause. Last year, teens crossed a small wooden bridge in Otisfield, at a Seeds of Peace camp. Next year, it’s a bridge in Bangor. The Bridges to Peace Global march Saturday was … FULL STORY

Jul 6, 2013

Egyptians at camp in Maine watch events unfold in homeland from more than 5,000 miles away | ASSOCIATED PRESS

OTISFIELD, Maine | Nearly two-dozen Egyptians who arrived in Maine last month at a special camp aimed at helping Israeli and Arab teens overcome their differences will return home to a country that ousted its leader following the largest demonstrations seen in their homeland. Read the rest of David Sharp’s article in The Washington Post ››

Jun 26, 2013

Message of hope kicks off Seeds of Peace camp | LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL

OTISFIELD, MAINE | The answer is simply hope. That was the message Lina, a young Palestine resident, gave to more than 200 Seeds of Peace campers who gathered Wednesday morning to raise their nation’s flags and join hands and voices in a unity unknown in some of their homelands. “Here at the Seeds of Peace, I learned there is still hope in the world,” said Lina, who lives on a small patch of land occupied by the Israeli military — … FULL STORY

May 20, 2013

The History Project: Inspiring Indian and Pakistani Children to Rethink the Past

A new project questions India and Pakistan’s shared historical narrative. Three young Pakistanis – Qasim Aslam, Ayyaz Ahmad and Zoya Siddiqui – are providing schoolchildren in India and Pakistan with an opportunity to critically analyze, evaluate and question significant events in their nations’ shared history and heritage. The History Project, comprising excerpts from three Indian textbooks and nine Pakistani textbooks, provides students an illuminating comparison of the ways that key historical events – leading up to partition – are taught … FULL STORY

May 12, 2013

Textbooks: Rethinking history

In a unique project, a group of young people place side-by-side the two versions of history taught in textbooks in India and Pakistan—in order to introduce an alternative, neutral narrative to the students LAHORE | Is it time to re-write Pakistan and India’s shared history? To correct the past record? Even a cursory look at the History Project, a compilation of excerpts from three Indian and nine Pakistani textbooks about 16 historical events that took place between 1857 and 1947, … FULL STORY

May 2, 2013

Changing the Histories of India and Pakistan | THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“What’s the first thing you think of when I say ‘Jinnah’?” Ayyaz Ahmad asks a Grade 10 history class in Mumbai. “He looks like Voldemort,” one girl says, prompting everyone to erupt in laughter. “Traitor,” said another, “Evil, responsible for partition [of India].” Many Pakistanis would be offended to hear children talk about the founding father of their country in such a way. But Mr. Ahmad isn’t surprised his question elicits this response. Indian history tends to portray Mr. Jinnah … FULL STORY

May 1, 2013

Indo-Pak project grapples with versions of history | THE TIMES OF INDIA

MUMBAI | Most schoolchildren in India associate the 1905 partition of Bengal with Hindus and Muslims uniting to oppose the division of the state along religious lines. They learn that Bengalis from both religions composed songs, marched barefoot to the Ganga and tied rakhis on each other in protest. In Pakistan, however, the partition of Bengal sparks off a different set of associations—those of furious Hindus agitating only because they couldn’t bear to see Muslims become a majority in East … FULL STORY

Feb 14, 2013

Opinion: Seeds of Peace

BY DARLING KITTOE | Many people question teenagers’ ability to make a difference in the world. It may seem like our generation cares more about what Kim Kardashian is wearing or who Justin Bieber is dating than we do about the fact that thousands of individuals across the globe are being denied their basic human rights. What is often kept hidden is that there are thousands of teens all around the world who are fighting to make the world a … FULL STORY

Jan 17, 2013

Student sows seeds of peace
| Glencoe News (Illinois)

WINNETKA, ILLINOIS | As an eighth-grader Darling Kittoe was inspired by two high school seniors who shared their experiences of the Seeds of Peace International Camp with her class. Kittoe, now a senior at North Shore Country Day School, applied for the same trip her sophomore year, but wasn’t chosen. “I knew I still had more to learn,” Kittoe said. “I became more involved in other service learning through community service projects.” Kittoe joined the non-profit Shoes for Liberia as a … FULL STORY

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