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Oct 10, 2015

Interview with GATHER Fellow | BBC NEWS

LONDON | Julian Marshall interviews 2015-2016 GATHER Fellow Nousha on BBC World Service’s Newshour programme about the Syrian refugee crisis and Nousha’s Amal ou Salam project. Listen to the entire program above or on the BBC’s website ››

Sep 23, 2015

Rewriting Indo-Pak History -- Together

One of the biggest obstacles to peace begins in the classroom. This is what we are doing about it. “They [non-vegetarians] easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes.” An excerpt from a Grade 6 textbook being taught in Gujrat, India. “… the style adopted by Gandhi is nothing but cheating and hypocrisy and cunningness.” An excerpt from a Pakistani textbook being taught in … FULL STORY

Jul 25, 2015

Seeds of Peace camp kicks off in Maine

OTISFIELD, Maine | A Maine camp that brings together teenagers from the Middle East and South Asia is open for its final summer session. More than 180 Afghan, American, Egyptian, Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani and Palestinian campers are participating in the Seeds of Peace camp in Otisfield. A flag-raising ceremony was held Thursday. The camp was founded on the idea of bringing together teens from countries that are in conflict with each other in hopes of opening a door to … FULL STORY

Jul 8, 2015

Jerusalem, local youth choirs promote peace | PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE

The power of music and its ability to unify was on full display when the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus visited Philadelphia recently. “Our teens can be agents of change,” said Steve Fisher, artistic and managing director of the Commonwealth Youthchoirs which is based in Germantown. During a concert held in the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater late last month, Fisher affirmed the audience “through singing and music we can connect with one another regardless of our religion, color or gender. We … FULL STORY

Jun 27, 2015

Youth Chorus Unites Israelis and Palestinians, at Least for a Few Hours

JERUSALEM — Avital Maeir-Epstein and Muhammad Murtada Shweiki live about 150 yards apart in Abu Tor, a Jerusalem neighborhood that straddles the pre-1967 armistice line, a mostly invisible but politically charged marker of this city’s Israeli-Palestinian divide. The teenagers live on opposite sides of that divide, but for a few hours each Monday afternoon, they come together. Avital, 16, is a soprano and Muhammad, 15, is a tenor/bass in the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, which brings together young Israelis and Palestinians … FULL STORY

Jun 19, 2015

In conflict zone, raising young Palestinian and Jewish voices

When Micah Hendler first went to Jerusalem with the idea of starting a choir of Israeli and Palestinian high-schoolers, some thought his notion naive at best. But in the three years since the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus was formed, the group has recorded with Israeli musician-activist David Broza, gone on two international tours and is now on its first U.S. tour, which is bringing Hendler, 25, back to his Bethesda roots. The tour began last week at the Yale International … FULL STORY

Jun 15, 2015

Seeds of Peace to kick off 23rd
summer of leadership program in Maine

Session for campers from the Middle East, South Asia, and US begins July 23 OTISFIELD, MAINE | Seeds of Peace is set to welcome young leaders from communities divided by conflict to kick off the 23rd summer of the Seeds of Peace International Camp. The first session of Camp begins on June 29, for over 110 teens ages 14-17 from across Maine as well as from Syracuse, New York. They will come together to tackle tensions within their schools and … FULL STORY

May 18, 2015

For a Glimpse at the Future of Peacebuilding, Look to an Experiment Begun a Decade Ago | HUFFINGTON POST

When we were both 14, our Israeli and Palestinian parents and teachers enrolled us in a massive, life-altering experiment, the effects of which are still playing out, over a decade later. We are both from Jerusalem, and at age 27, we are part of the reason the Middle East is experiencing the highest ratio of youth to adults in history. This “youth bulge” provides the experiment’s context: there are over 100 million youth in our region between the ages of … FULL STORY

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