Camp & Local Programs

Developing Leaders

Our leadership development approach begins with a transformational camp session and continues with year-round local leadership programs.


Our leadership development program begins at Camp ...

Each summer, hundreds of teenagers and educators engage with each other across lines of conflict—sharing meals, living spaces, and learning experiences in a traditional summer camp program.

For many, this type of interaction is impossible at home, and Camp is the first time they are encountering and engaging peers from the ‘other side.’ Personal change begins here.

As participants form relationships and gain insights into the root issues that divide them, they build greater levels of trust, respect, and empathy, which inspire their commitment to work for change at home.

Seeds of Peace Camp
“I’ve watched the organization grow from a summer camp in Maine into a leadership program with year-round initiatives in the Middle East and South Asia.”
President Bill Clinton

2. Local Programs

... and continues year-round at home.

After graduating from the Seeds of Peace Camp, participants build on their experiences through over a hundred local leadership development initiatives.

Activities include community dialogues and facilitator trainings, multi-narrative tours of conflict zones, capacity building workshops for educators, interfaith camps, and mediation and negotiation seminars run by Harvard Law School faculty.

As our alumni embark on their professional careers, they are well-positioned to begin working for change in their communities.

Seeds of Peace currently runs local programs in the Middle East, South Asia, the US, and Europe.

Local programs focus on four areas critical to effective conflict transformation


Camp graduates continue to build the relationships started at Camp through local programs that bring them together across political and social divides.


Seeds take part in local programs that equip them with a deep and nuanced understanding on the issues that divide them.


Local programs help these Seeds hone their critical thinking and communication skills.

Ability to take action

Seeds are positioned to activate their leadership and work for change in their communities.