Israeli Delegation, 1995
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Empowering Israeli musicians to use their platform for change.


Musicians and artists in Israel have a platform that would allow them to address political and social issues, yet very few of them do so either out of fear or lack of support.


Create a cause-based musicians’ guild that would provide musicians and artists the framework and community needed to create political art and advance progressive messages to the public.

Shira is a singer-songwriter and Hebrew teacher from Israel. She has performed and recorded with her bands as an independent artist for over a decade and thrives on bringing people together with her music to help humanity get over “the silly adolescent stage” it’s been in for the past few centuries. Shira received her interdisciplinary music degree (B.A.Mus) from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance.

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“As a musician and performer, I get to see people in a very special light —when they’re in the dark, looking at the stage with bright eyes. It is in those moments that they dare to do things they never do, to be things they never are—they unite with people they’ve never met standing beside them. They are one, but not because they have a common enemy, but because they share something great. It’s the opposite of war.”