Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Creating stories, developing skills, and uncovering the science of 'bridge building.'


In an environment of ever-growing societal divides, there’s currently no organization that’s working to both map the system of bridge-builders and build a community of practice where knowledge can be shared across these two audience groups.


Road-trip across the United States to produce stories, videos, and a series of workshops illuminating the many ways everyday American citizens are building bridges to connect with one another in unexpected ways.

Scott is an artist, designer and writer dedicated to strengthening the “bridge building” movement in the United States. He is working with a team of videographers and writers, in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and NationSwell, to produce stories of bridge builders that will be published on popular media outlets (e.g. The New York Times, National Review, Ellen DeGeneres, Netflix). He’s also mapping the ecosystem of bridge builders—including researchers, practitioners and funders—to distill a strategy and set of practices that can be shared more widely.

Scott loves freestyle rapping, islands (born in Hawaii, Fulbright in Iceland) and tree houses. He’s been awarded grants and fellowships from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, National Arts Strategies, MTV Networks, and the Sundance Institute. He received his degree in journalism from Washington State University, and has taught design and storytelling at University of California Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania.

“I believe the greatest problem of our time is growing social polarization.”