Maine Seeds Delegation, 2015
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Establishing a network of dialogue programs in high schools.


The US is increasingly becoming a place of discord and division, with opposite sides not knowing how to speak with each other and engage in civil discourse.


Develop a network of dialogue programs run in high schools along the northern East Coast that aim to develop empathy and a more worldly perspective.

Naissa is the daughter of a hard-working single mother who brought her three children to the US from Rwanda, seeking political asylum. That gave her great understanding and awareness to do some sort of work around injustice for humanity.

She is a full-time college student majoring in International Studies and the co-founder of CivilTEA Discourse, a network of dialogue programs run in public high schools. She founded CivilTEA along with her sister Priscilla, a 2016 Seed.

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“I don’t care for forming a consensus with one or two sides, but for everyone to have the ability to create empathy and execute it in their lives simply because they listened to someone else’s story.”