Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2016


Promoting solidarity and tolerance through music.

How have you impacted your community?

I am a singer, songwriter, actress, and peace activist based in Tel Aviv. I was born in Rameh village in the Galilee to a Palestinian father and Bulgarian mother. I am known for developing a unique fusion of sounds combining the East with the West, weaving the Arabic language and its oriental ornaments with Western harmonies. As a performer and artist, I promote the message of human solidarity and shared living.

Through the GATHER Fellowship I developed OneSong.Studio, a musical-social initiative that aims to connect people through music. Music can transcend physical borders; it can soar over the highest walls and bridge the widest gaps. In areas of conflict, where often politics of fear are used to serve political purposes, the necessity to find a way of communication is even more pressing. And what better way than music? OneSong.Studio aims to produce musical projects that bring people together, both online and offline.

For more information about my music, art and work, go to my website: www.miraawad.co.

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“I think that one of my biggest accomplishments from the Fellowship in general, and not only in concern to my venture, is in the way I started thinking when it comes to projects I create. Coming from the creative world, I had some difficulty resonating with some of the business tools to which we were exposed. However, I still internalized the understanding that I need to find a business model for my projects, so that they would have a bigger chance of coming to fruition.”