Pakistani Educator, 2015
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Empowering youth to develop their own agency and lead change.


Religious extremism in Pakistan has created a culture of violence and gender inequity, and stifles thought and innovation.


Mobilize and empower youth by educating them on the issues and developing their skills as leaders and peace builders.

Mehwish is a communications expert, activist, community mobilizer, and development practitioner who works on development issues in Pakistan, particularly on civic education and youth participation in economic crisis. She holds an Mphil in Communication Studies. She is the Founder and Director of Laureate Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports youth groups particularly in vulnerable situations.

Mehwish has been working as a freelance development communications consultant and a lead trainer with agencies like DFID, UNDP, GIZ International, Adam Smith International, the British Council, and USAID. She has been involved in grassroots campaigning and high-level lobbying/advocacy in major international conferences, and with governments and international bodies, on the issues of minority rights and youth participation. She is the recipient of numerous awards, scholarships, and grants recognizing her work.

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“Extremists have put the whole city on fire. My project addresses these mind sets. If Abraham Lincoln got his start by splitting rails, who knows where I might end up?”