2014 Camp Reports

Throughout the summer of 2014, we will be posting daily reports and photos to keep everyone informed of what is happening at Camp. We know many of you wish you could be at Camp to experience and observe and we hope these reports can be the next best thing!

Camp 2014 in Numbers

  • • 310 campers representing 10 delegations: Afghan, American, Egyptian,
    Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Maine, Pakistani, Palestinian, and Syracuse.
  • • 47 Seeds returning to Camp as Peer Supports.
  • Over 25 hours of facilitated dialogue for every Seed.
  • • 22 consecutive summers of Seeds of Peace programming.


Arrivals | July 31


As the first buses of delegations rolled into Camp today, a heavy rain storm abated and there was a sunny break in the clouds. That gave us the chance to welcome the campers, who passed through a “tunnel” of sheltering arms into a crowd of excited staff members. Successive buses unloaded every few hours. At this writing, we are awaiting the arrival of the final bus at 1 a.m.

Our tradition is to have Seeds of Peace co-founder Bobbie Gottschalk welcome the new campers by explaining that Camp is “the way life could be” (not “the way life should be,” as the State of Maine proclaims about itself). “Could” means it is possible—”should”, well, not necessarily.

As soon as the campers were welcomed, we provided them with anonymous surveys to fill out so we can track their progress by the end of the session. This research, designed by University of Chicago researchers, helps us assess the impact of our Camp program.

Once all the delegations have arrived, we will have over 200 campers and delegation leaders, most of whom are educators. One of these delegation leaders is a Seed who last came to Camp 15 years ago. She was astonished at how small the Dining Hall seemed now that she is seeing it as an adult.

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