Toll Bros, Inc.

Toll Brothers Inc., the nation’s premier builder of luxury homes, has been a vital supporter of Seeds of Peace since 2000.

Toll Brothers Inc., led by Chairman and former CEO Robert Toll, provides extensive year-round support to the Seeds of Peace Camp program. It supplies the fundamental needs of Camp through multiple in-kind donations.

It also coordinates the annual Toll Brothers Day during which a crew of experienced employees, sub-contractors and their families devote an entire day to construction, repair, and cleanup at Camp in preparation for the arrival of 300 young people from around the world.

“I am so proud of what Toll Brothers accomplishes in the limited time that this one day cleanup effort at Seeds of Peace affords. Our team takes on a tremendous amount—we put on roofs and porches, fix plumbing, rewire electrics, landscape, rake and polish. At the end of it all, we have ourselves a great cookout and leave with a deep sense of satisfaction in having accomplished needed repair and maintenance for an organization that is rapidly becoming a much-needed institution.” — Executive Chairman Bob Toll