Tiziana Sousou

Vice Chair

Tiziana is based in the United Kingdom and is passionate about education and child welfare.

In addition to being a board member of Seeds of Peace, Tiziana is a member of the Board of Regents of Georgetown University and of the Dean’s Council at Harvard Divinity School. Tiziana also oversees the Treehouse Fund, which she set up with her husband in 2012. The Treehouse Fund identifies and supports education-based projects in the Middle East, Asia, and the UK.

Tiziana is an Honorary Member of the National Council of the NSPCC, which is the leading children’s charity in the UK. She has also previously served as a missionary in Mauritius, where she worked closely with women on death row and children from highly impoverished areas.

Tiziana started her career at Impresa Cantoni, a leading Italian building materials producer, where she held various posts including as head of regulatory and industry standards. She was also the Italian delegate to the UEPG, which represents the interests of the building materials industry at the EU and other regulatory organizations.

Tiziana has a BA in International Relations and Philosophy from Reading University. She originally trained as a theatre director and is the author and director of “Ortiche,” a play that was staged at the Teatro di Porta Romana. She speaks German, Italian, French, and English.

She lives in London with her husband Ramez and their three children, all of whom are Seeds.

“My support for Seeds comes from having seen the transformation Camp had on my two older Children (Farid UK Seed 2014 and Mariam UK Seed 2015). They connected with their Palestinian heritage and came to acknowledge the need for empathy in order to achieve a lasting peace.”