The Germanacos Foundation

The Germanacos Foundation, a partner of Seeds of Peace since 2009, supports educational programs that use a broad range of perspectives to foster a critical scrutiny of society. With the support of the Germanacos Foundation, Seeds of Peace is empowering educators and artists in regions of conflict, creating opportunities for transformative experiences with counterparts from “the other side” and sustained active support their work.

The Foundation supports opportunities for artists and educators from conflict regions to participate in rare and important cross-border workshops. These workshops provide precious opportunities to network and to work on projects that showcase the power of individuals in creative communion as an essential strategy in resolving enduring conflicts and cultivating a culture of peace.

These programs can help to achieve sharpened critical thinking, deepened awareness and empathy, and the development of collaborative skills that will result in effective civic engagement leading to a more participatory and just society.

In 2015, Germanacos renewed its support of Seeds of Peace’s Educators and Fellowship program which reflects the foundation’s mission of combining components of education and civic engagement to create bridges of understanding in the world.

“True citizens are not the audience of their government, nor its consumers; they are its makers.” — Lewis Hyde, Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership