Susan Bloch

Susan has over 20 years of experience coaching executives and boards in a large range of global businesses and non-profit organizations in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Her specialist area is working with global, multicultural teams, providing leaders with deep insight about their career potential and leadership qualities.

She recently served on the boards of Kids4Peace, Byrrd Barr Place, Splash, and Ashoka UK. In addition to her professional practice, Susan also volunteers as a tutor at Goodwill’s education program and Byrrd Barr’s food bank.

Susan has lived in four countries and has now settled in Seattle.

“The culture, values, and moral compass of the Seeds of Peace team builds a diverse and inclusive community facilitating the development of our future peace leaders. I’m inspired by the stories of our impact on core social justice themes as youth learn manage conflict and have difficult conversations during this complex socio-political environment. Youth gain presence, empathy, and learn how to interact with a diverse and often opposing groups of people. My granddaughter, who is a Kids4Peace participant, gained confidence and compassion during her interactions with the team, advocating for social justice issues and learning to manage conflict.”