Sara Benabdallah

Director, GATHER Operations

Sara joined the GATHER team in the spring of 2019. She began her career in campaign and nonprofit strategy and has worked throughout much of her career on a number of social and public policy campaigns, most recently income inequality and financial instability in US households.

She has a Masters Degree in Gender and Social Policy and has worked throughout her adult life both personally and professionally, to increase opportunities for woman and children in a variety of areas.

Today, Sara continues to dedicate her career to seeking impactful social change. She works closely with our GATHER Advisory Council, GATHER Fellows, holds the team’s logistical and operational pieces, and develops systems and tools in partnership with other teams across the organization to help manage the GATHER network and activities.

She’s a proud feminist with two young boys, has lived, worked, and travelled in many countries throughout Europe and the Middle East, and loves eating food from all over the globe, watching movies, and gardening.

“I think no matter what you do professionally, you are going to be more impactful if it's something that you are personally devoted to. Making the world a more stable, hospitable, and welcoming place where individuals have the opportunity to realize their maximum potential is something that I am deeply committed to.”