Sagar Gangurde

Director, Indian Programs (Mumbai)

Sagar has a background as a mechanical engineer and completed his studies at the Government College of Engineering in Pune and then began working for India’s largest integrated power company, TATA Power.

After joining Tata Power, Sagar received the “The Adarsh Power Trainee of the Year Award” for his contributions during his training period. More recently, he completed his Masters in Human Resource Development Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

Two years after joining Tata Power, Sagar was selected as a Teach for India Fellow, making up the first cohort of teachers for the launch of the program, modeled after Teach for America. As a part of the fellowship, Sagar taught for two years in an underprivileged school in one of Mumbai’s slums.

“It was a transformational experience for me and I grew in innumerable ways during my two-year fellowship,” he said of his time teaching a class of 60 students.


Sagar comes to Seeds of Peace highly recommended by his Teach for India colleagues who have witnessed his energy and enthusiasm for empowering a new generation of Indian students with knowledge and skills needed to better their own lives, a narrative that Sagar’s own life emulates.

Sagar likes meditating and is an active volunteer of the Art of Living foundation and he believes in leading a spiritual life. He loves going on short treks and interacting with new people and learning from them.

“Joining Seeds of Peace is like a dream come true and I am thrilled and excited to be a part of a movement which is so huge. What is most incredible about Seeds of Peace is its action-orientedness. It inspires me to have a huge sense of possibility and pushes me to stretch myself to be more.”