Ragu Selvakumar

Data & Development Operations Manager (New York)

Ragu has spent a decade devoted to working for nonprofits with impactful causes.

His diverse previous experience includes work in the medical field (most recently at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in a clinical trial for kids) as well as in the peacebuilding field as a Project Coordinator for Religions for Peace USA. Working on Climate Change, Immigration, and ending Islamophobia, he was honored to be named as a representative to its global North American Interfaith Youth Network.

Ragu is very excited to join the Seeds of Peace team due to his passion for cultivating positive relationships from youth to adults in the nonprofit world. Raised Hindu and an Eastern Religion major, he cherishes his formative moments like studying in the reading library housing letters of Martin Luther King, Jr. at Boston University.

In his free time, Ragu enjoys balancing anything with nature or outdoor sports with trying to catch the newest TV and anime, while deeply valuing his encounters with spirituality and community along the way.