Nausheen Rajan

Nausheen joined the Seeds of Peace family in 2010 as an American Seed. After Camp, Nausheen took part in the American Seeds Advanced Dialogue Program, where she helped facilitate dialogue about culture, race, religion, politics, identity, and community at Cranbrook Schools’ annual World Affairs Seminar, CultureSpeak, in 2012. She then later attended the Ireland GameChangers program that summer.

She graduated magna cum laude and honors with degrees in International Studies and Asian Studies from American University in 2016, She then joined Chemonics International Inc. as a Senior Associate in the Asia Regional Business Unit, where she provides project management support for USAID-funded projects.

As her passion project, Nausheen is working on launching a global mentorship program for young women that fosters leadership development, professional skill development, and female empowerment.

She is excited to continue her involvement in Seeds of Peace and be part of an organization that fosters meaningful impact through the power of community and dialogue.

“I am grateful to be one of many young people from around the world who have been empowered by Seeds of Peace. By using dialogue as a tool to evoke understanding, to harness the power of empathy, and to recognize the traits we all share that bring us closer, we can become relentless agents of change in our communities. Being a Seed inspired me to do the best with what I have, always.”