Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller received her BA in Psychology and her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

She has been involved in Middle East and Jewish community issues for more than two decades. After having worked as the Director of the Hillel Foundation at American University, Lindsay went on to become a lobbyist for Seeds of Peace, securing the organization’s first congressional appropriation in 1999-2000.

Through her contacts at the Arab embassies in Washington, she also paved the way for delegations from Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia and Qatar to participate in the Seeds of Peace International Camp program.

She has traveled widely throughout the Middle East, including Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf, and has also lived in Israel.

Her community activities in Washington include serving on the Board of the Jewish Social Service Agency and helping to organize the first Jewish Folk Arts Festival.

Lindsay is the mother of Jenny, an American Seed who became a Peer Support Seed in later summers as well as a counselor. One of Jenny’s own counselors flew into town from Paris for Jenny’s wedding.

“I’ve spent enough time with Israelis and Arabs to know that there are limits to what governments can do. Seeds of Peace has never sought to be a negotiating agency for politicians; it has tried to work with a younger generation to show it the human side of dialogue and to give youths the skills to become leaders and enablers of peace. The fact is that, with or without peace treaties, Seeds will continue to be of critical importance, either to personalize peace should it come, or to maintain hope and belief in the future if it doesn’t. This isn’t a 100-yard dash; it’s a marathon. And I’ll be running with Seeds of Peace all the way.”