Karen Karniol-Tambour

Karen is Co-Chief Investment Officer for Sustainability at Bridgewater Associates, a large global macro hedge fund.

At Bridgewater for over fifteen years, Karen leads the design and oversight of new investment solutions with both financial and sustainability objectives. She is also a member of Bridgewater’s Executive Committee and Investment Committee, co-chair of the firm’s Sustainable Investing Committee, and a Partner. She has 15 years experience developing systematic insights on global markets and overseeing Bridgewater’s investment logic and portfolio construction, and previously headed Bridgewater’s Investment Research function.

Karen received her AB from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs with a Certificate in Finance.

Karen has been deeply involved with Seeds of Peace since she was an Israeli Seed in 1999. She has participated in many alumni activities formal and informal, spoken on behalf of Seeds of Peace at numerous events, and served on the organization’s Young Leadership Committee and Global Leadership Council.