Harman Family Foundation

The Harman Family Foundation funds programs that work at the intersection of arts and youth development, and that enrich the educational opportunities of middle and high school-age students and disconnected youth in Washington, D.C., and also in Boston and Los Angeles.

In New York, its focus is education and empowerment opportunities for the city’s most disenfranchised populations, with a special focus on those in kindergarten to 5th grade. Internationally, its focus is human rights and gender equity work in developing nations. The Foundation also supports capacity building for community-based nonprofits, and the promotion of philanthropy, through its founding and development of the “Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington” guide.

The Harman Family Foundation has been a key donor and thought partner on Seeds of Peace’s efforts to support educators who seek to create classrooms and school systems that are more tolerant and open to multiple narratives of a conflict.