Farah Bdour

Coordinator, Middle East Programs (Amman)

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Farah has been the coordinator of Seeds of Peace Programs in Jordan since June 2015, having first attended the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine as a Jordanian Delegation Leader in 2014.

She is also a researcher at the Amman Center for Peace and Development (ACPD). ACPD is a research center that engages in innovative, relevant, high-quality research and provides policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers, public leaders, and the strategic community, both in Jordan and abroad. She writes reports about current regional conflicts and has been published in numerous research institute journals.


Farah graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Art in Administrative and Financial Science and completed an M.A. in Public Policy with a special focus on Conflict Resolution and Mediation, with distinction at Tel Aviv University. She is a certified mediator.

“Seeds of Peace allows me to be part of a movement committed to strengthening values of diversity and inclusion by cultivating empathy and moderation, and with the purpose of creating a peaceful future.”