Eugene Mercy Jr.

Eugene Mercy, Jr. graduated from Lehigh University in 1959 and served as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

In 1960 he joined Irving Trust Company. From 1961 to 1964, Mr. Mercy was associated with Halle and Stieglitz (members, NYSE).

In 1964 he joined Goldman Sachs & Co. in the Securities Sales Department. In 1968, he became Vice President of the Securities Sales and Equity Trading Department, and in 1971, he was elected to become a general partner. After rising through the management ranks of Securities Sales and Trading during his more than 25-year career with Goldman Sachs, he moved to the Commercial Real Estate Department and later became the Partner-in-Charge of the Mortgage Securities Department. He became a Limited Partner in December of 1988 and a Limited Partner of The Goldman Sachs Group, L.P. in 1989. In 1996 he was appointed to the Goldman Sachs Limited Partner Advisory Committee and after the company’s successful public offering in May, 1999, he became a Senior Director of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. After leaving Goldman Sachs, he became a Principal in Granite Capital International LLC as well as the Managing Member of EMJ Development LLC.

Eugene Mercy, Jr. served as a Board Member and Vice Chairman of Lehigh University, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Loomis Chaffee School, Vice Chairman of the Board of Beth Israel Medical Center, a Trustee of Continuum Health Partners, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of Brownfields Capital.

“I support Seeds of Peace because its mission offers real hope for a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.”