Donna Preddy

Donna became interested in Seeds of Peace in 2009 after hosting Graduate Seeds from the Middle East delegation in London for ongoing facilitation workshops and educational seminars. While hosting both Palestinian and Israeli Seeds, she and her family were forever touched by the ‘peace-making tools’ these young adults possessed and implemented gracefully.

Donna joined the UK Steering committee in 2009 working on school outreach and communications, fundraising and helping to organize the annual “Bridge To Peace’ UK walk.

Donna graduated from Northwestern University with a BSc. in Nursing in 1982. She has worked as a medical/surgical nurse as well as in sales and marketing for Eli Lilly UK and also in education for the Far East Headquarters of the American Red Cross.

She and her husband Jeremy, a British national, have lived in the UK as well as in Japan, Singapore, North Carolina, and returned to London in 2005. They have four children, two of whom are Seeds. One had the honor of attending the Seeds of Peace International Camp in 2010 and one in 2013.

All four children accompanied the family to Egypt in March 2011 after the Arab uprising and again all were affected by the fortitude, intelligence and tenacity that the Egyptian Seeds conveyed in their convictions to lead the country forward through the challenging future ahead.

“Seeds of Peace facilitates dialogue and empathy to counter generational prejudices in conflict both in the regions and at summer camp. As long as there’s dialogue, there’s hope for peace in the future. I support Seeds of Peace because it is building the foundations for this future.”