Devany Pitsas

United States Delegation and Program Manager

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Devany first joined Seeds of Peace in 2022 working at the Camp as a counselor. After finding wonderful community and a beautiful space to foster healthy conversation she returned the next year as a facilitator for Camp’s multinational dialogue. Following such a transformative experience, Devany continued to offer support to the U.S. program by co-organizing and facilitating programing opportunities for our Seeds alumni. She now works as the United States Delegation and Program Manager.

Devany graduated from Suffolk University in Boston in 2022 with a BA in Global and Cultural Communication with a concentration in mediation, negotiation, and conflict management. After encouragement and support from advisors and mentors, Devany received her mediation certification from the Community Dispute Settlement Center in Cambridge, Mass., and continues to practice.

After the experiences Devany has had in these spaces, she understands that change happens with the collective and starts on an interpersonal level. Understanding lines of difference takes great courage, deep curiosity and true open-mindedness. She hopes to foster this in the spaces in which she is humbled to be a part.

“Seeing first hand moments of cross conflict communication creates a whole new perspective and passion for creating more opportunities for people to experience that unique connection.”