Deborah Bicknell

Deb Bicknell is a Portland-based consultant to nonprofits and individuals. She has worked as a facilitator, trainer, and curriculum and program designer for a variety of local and international organizations over the last 20 years, including Seeds of Peace since 2006, and loves supporting the greatness and possibility in people and communities.

Deb has a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Lesley University and has studied and explored a number of different methodologies related to organizational change, conflict resolution and facilitation. She has worked and studied in the field and practice of experiential education extensively and has a background in youth development and empowerment.

She helped to develop and run a statewide youth leadership and empowerment training program in Maine for many years and currently works nationally and internationally as a facilitator and program/curriculum designer in the areas of conflict resolution, communication skills, strategic planning and visioning, school and community change, multiculturalism and equity, and organizational and systems thinking.

“The opportunity to sit with others, to have beliefs challenged, to learn new things, to discuss and to feel and to share in relative safety is a big part of Seeds of Peace’s gift. Seeds offers something special—a place to meet the other and to try and find possibility in the ‘field’ beyond.”