Christine Ramsay Covey

Christine, MBA and CPA, is Founding Vice President of Seeds of Peace, working with John Wallach from its inception in March 1993 to design and build the program in the Middle East, Cyprus and the Balkans and the 1997 and 2001 International Conferences.

She has lived and taught at universities and chaired and served on school and bi-community boards in Jerusalem, Cairo, Berlin and the Balkans for 25 years with her diplomatic family.

Christine is an Officer of Seeds of Peace, Chairs the Audit Committee, co-chairs the Governance Committee, and serves on the Finance Committee.

She is the mother of two Seeds who first participated in 1993 and 1997.

“Over the years of living and working in Jerusalem with Israelis and Palestinians, it became apparent the generations familiar with living coexistence were swiftly being replaced by populations who didn't know, feared and were beginning to hate each other. When John Wallach proposed bringing the youth together to learn skills of leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution, and asked for my help, I had no choice: I had to jump in as the Founding Vice-President. After two decades and thousands of individual journeys through Seeds of Peace, the premise is just as fresh, creative and constructive as it was the day John first articulated it. It is a candle in the night.”