Bobbie Gottschalk

Invited by John Wallach to help co-found Seeds of Peace and become its first Executive Director, Bobbie helped initiate and form the organization’s mission and operation.

For many years she was responsible for program development, including the Camp program and follow up programs, and ongoing contact with Seeds of Peace participants. She currently participates in public relations and fundraising efforts. She also is the official Seeds of Peace Camp photographer and blogs daily while Camp is in session.

As a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Bobbie has taught students at multiple colleges about Seeds of Peace philosophy, methodology and impact.

From 1979 to 1992, Bobbie was the Department Supervisor and Special Assistant for Program Development at the Jewish Social Service Agency of Washington, DC. There, she created, developed and managed the Special Services Department, serving children and adults with disabilities and their families. She provided clinical supervision and administrative leadership to the professional staff, and was responsible for the creation of programs targeted for people with hearing impairments, chronic mental illness or developmental or adventitious disabilities. Her clinical practice included both short-term and long-term psychotherapy for a wide variety of clients, using individual, family and group modalities.

Bobbie graduated from Earlham College and the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration, both of which awarded her Outstanding Alumni Awards. She was awarded a Medal of Honor by King Hussein of Jordan and the Reflection of Hope award by the Oklahoma City Memorial Foundation.

She serves on the boards of Camp Bearnstow, Imagination Stage, and the Mosaic Theater Company.

“Young people growing up in generational conflicts usually expect the conflicts to continue unabated, so war is what they prepare for in their future. Seeds of Peace gives them a chance to live together in peace with their enemies, as if they were friends, in the temporary reality of Camp. This unusual intervention generates the motivation to prepare for a just peace, instead of war. Ongoing support from Seeds of Peace promotes the development of enlightened, compassionate and courageous leaders. This is what the world needs, so humankind can achieve a higher level of evolution—the ability to resolve problems without resorting to war.”