Ashraf Ghandour

Director, GATHER Middle East (Jerusalem)

Ashraf is an educator working in Palestine and Israel. Throughout his work with youth in the region, he has developed an English as a foreign language curriculum that teaches English through contents of conflict resolution, social awareness and social change.

Ashraf has also studied, lived and worked throughout Canada and has founded several human rights and social awareness groups on campuses around Canada. He has also worked as a dialogue facilitator, mediator and educator in both the Jewish Israeli and Arab Palestinian sectors and is passionate about continuously exploring the ever changing narratives of the different identities in the region. Today, Ashraf continues to dedicate his career to inspiring critical thinking, positive leadership and social awareness in areas of conflict.

“I have heard of the work Seeds of Peace does as a teen and have always been fascinated by its impact on people who have participated in it. But as a GATHER participant, I was astounded by the passion and drive of this organization to bring other NGOs and non-profits together while providing them with the platform to collaborate and share ideas to generate social change.”