Antwan Saca

Country Director, Palestine

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Antwan was born in Jerusalem to a Christian family from the city of Bethlehem. He has spent his adult life working towards the dream of peace and justice in the Holy Land.

He spent five years at the Holy Land Trust serving also as director of programs, where he experienced community-healing approaches that strengthened his interest in non-violent compassionate activism.

Since then, he’s focused on community dynamics and the many forms of personal/collective experienced and inherited trauma that influence conflict resolution in the Holy Land. He believes that healing the pain of the past is a prerequisite for healthy relations between nations and—ultimately—peace.

Antwan serves as an associate at Leaders Quest, walking and learning among world leaders in their search for aligning profit with purpose in this rapidly changing world.

He previously worked as Programme Coordinator at the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, and as a research assistant for urbanization and geopolitical monitoring at the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem. He was also a youth leader and a member of the One Voice movement.

Antwan graduated from the Arab American University of Jenin with a BA in Public Law.

“In this fast-growing and ever-changing world, one thing is very clear: there is a need to create spaces where young Palestinians can explore and share our understanding and experience of our existence as well as the morals and values that we hold as a nation. Seeds of Peace, with its dynamic programs and alumni network, can provide this carefully-held space.”