Angela Homsi

Corporate & Thought Leaders Committee Chair

Angela Homsi is a sustainable finance expert and global impact investor with experience spanning international finance & banking, sustainable investing and cross-border innovation scale-up. She is also dedicated to the field of conflict transformation and sustainable solutions to social issues primarily in the Middle East and Africa.

Homsi spent 12 years as an Investor, portfolio manager & trader, and economic development expert at Generation Investment Management (Gore & Blood fund), Goldman Sachs and with Sir Ronald Cohen’s impact ventures in London, the Middle East and NY. She is also on the investment committee of Microvest, whose portfolios companies served 5m MSMEs in emerging markets, and has been a senior advisor for Purpose.

She is co-founder of Ignite Power, which is championing universal access to clean and affordable energy and other basic needs at scale in Africa, through innovative models using the combined power of businesses, innovation and governments. She is co-founder of AngazaIM, investing and building innovative companies with leapfrog solutions to the most pressing sustainable challenges facing Africa.

In her non-for-profit activities, Homsi is a practitioner, advocate and lecturer on sustainable impact capitalism and community bridging through business and bottom-up leadership. She is Seeds of Peace Chair of the Global Leadership Board and Global Ambassador, she is founding Board member of Harvard-sponsored Shades Negotiation Program, she is the TONIIC leader for East Africa and is on the Executive Committee of YPO-WPO Global Diplomacy network. She is also the chairwoman of YPO Rwanda Angel Investors Club. She supports work scaling solutions benefiting Profit, People, the Planet, as well as Peace and Prosperity.

Homsi is Lebanese-Egyptian-Israeli, lives between East Africa, the UK and Israel. She holds an M.Phil in Mathematics and Finance and speaks French, English, Spanish, Arabic and learning Hebrew.

“With my roots, upbringing and family all over the Middle East—from Lebanon to Egypt, Syria to Israel—and with all three religions in my family, I’ve naturally always cared and, like our Seeds, I refuse to accept what is when I know what can be. I’ve looked to find lasting and sustainable solutions for a more peaceful Middle East and a more peaceful world, and I believe Seeds of Peace does just that.”