Palestinian Delegation, 2005
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Representing Palestinians to Western audiences through writing and public speaking.


The voice and needs of Gazans are too often represented by those who do not actually live in Gaza, which lessens the credibility of those advocating for all Palestinian people, especially those residing in Gaza.


Use his platform as an author and memoirist to tell his story of growing up in Gaza to western audiences as a way to bring about meaningful debate and action.

Yousef is a Palestinian-American from the Gaza Strip, the son of Khalil Bashir, a highly respected educator who passed away a few years ago. Still suffering the effects of a near-fatal injury at the hands of an anonymous IDF soldier, Yousef made his way to the United States where he earned a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Northeastern University and a master’s degree in Co-existence and Conflict from Brandeis University.

Now living in Washington, DC, Yousef has worked on Capitol Hill and served as a member of the Palestinian Diplomatic Delegation to the United States. Yousef is an accomplished author, a vigorous advocate of Israeli-Palestinian peace, and much sought-after public speaker.

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“I will always dedicate every moment I have on earth to demonstrate to the world and myself that peace, forgiveness, and coexistence are completely possible.”