Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2018


Developing affordable solar kits for marginalized communities.

How have you impacted your community?

My passion was always about utilizing my technological skills to pursue social justice, and so in 2018, I founded a company that allows people in marginalized areas to gain access to affordable, stable electricity.

We take so many things for granted, like using a fridge, having lights on at night, or accessing a smartphone.

The fact that they are so essential to our lives makes it harder to imagine being without them. But what would your day be like if you couldn’t keep food for more than 24 hours? If your house became dark every day when the sun sets? If your phone and laptop were out of battery for most of the day?

For millions in the Middle East who live without a reliable electricity grid, this is daily life.

Major preconditions for peace are equal opportunities and access to resources. Energy equality matters and I believe no one should be held back by electricity shortages.

Having built my own solar system two years ago, I discovered how simple the installation process can be if explained right, and how inexpensive the components can be if made to power exactly what I need. And so SolarBox was born.

SolarBox is providing families with self-installable, low-cost solar energy kits. We allow people to gain independence from politics and poorly-functioning governments and become their own suppliers of energy. We do this by designing a different kit for different populations—a solution that fits their specific demands and abilities to pay.

SolarBox is already operating in several underserved communities across the region. We’re planning to expand and reach thousands of families during 2018, lighting the lives of many.

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“I’m driven by the will to turn my surroundings into better ones. My methods can vary, but as long as I feel my work has an affect on reality, it’s hard for me to stop.”