Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Introducing social justice and gender equity issues to children through board games.


Turkey ranks 130th out of 140 countries in gender equality. Only 12 percent of the top scientists are female, and 50 percent of women face physical, psychological, or sexual violence.


Develop a curriculum and online learning platform for use in home or school to combat stereotypes and promote empathy and dialogue.

Tugba graduated with a degree in public administration and followed with her master’s degree in International and Comparative Education. For many years, she has worked as a youth trainer and a project coordinator within diverse youth programs of the European Union. Tugba has worked with youth, disadvantaged groups, vulnerable groups, women, people with disabilities, refugees, teachers, etc.

She founded her own company, a social business focused in developing creative and innovative learning materials and trainings. The company has developed more than 50 tailor-made games and trainings on children’s right, health, intercultural learning, youth entrepreneurship, active citizenship, etc. and its games are played in several countries in Europe and Latin America.

“I deeply care for the society and the world we live in. I also have a strong passion towards learning and discovering new things, places, and stories.”