GATHER Artivism Fellow, 2022


Juggling creativity, innovation & creation with art, design, and society.

Rei was born in Haifa and has been curious about creativity, photography and technology from a young age. He holds a degree in design with specialization in social and sustainable design (H.I.T 2009).

In the last few years he worked as a cultural guide in Tel Aviv, as a curator of the first startup visitor center in Israel, and co-founded an online event production company. He was part of the production team for Burning Man in California eight times, founding the Israeli community of Burning Man in 2012 (called Midburn) and volunteering there for the Art Foundation. Most recently, he became a father.

To connect with Rei and get to know more about his work, check out on Instagram and connect with him on LinkedIn.

“My work (alongside those who work with me) creates an impact with the sense of art and design as a perception methodology and set of tools—all these in order to create safe space, bring people together, enable dialogue and processes.”