Pakistani Delegation, 2001
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2015


Creating learning tools to help students think independently.

How has Seeds of Peace had an impact on you?

The biggest gift that I’ve gotten from my Seeds of Peace experience is the ability to question everything. Having met such talented youth from so many different countries with such well-researched beliefs, over time, I’ve learnt to accept the perpetual possibility of the existence of parallel and equally plausible narratives.

This mindset has been instrumental in shaping my personality as well as my approach towards my professional life. Most of the social ideas and projects that I work on are geared towards getting youth to question everything, and to form their own opinions.

How have you impacted your community?

In 2013, I co-founded The History Project with my fellow Pakistani Seed, Ayyaz. The History Project looks into how biased history textbooks can teach young, impressionable minds a version of history that promotes intolerance. More specifically, the Project researches history textbooks and curates materials that juxtapose narratives from both sides of a conflict.

Our first initiative has been focused on India and Pakistan. Teams consisting of equal numbers of Indians and Pakistanis conduct workshops and distribute materials to schools across both countries. Our main objective is to teach future generations the art and science of critically analyzing the information they are given, specifically starting with the discipline of history, and to learn to process this information and form their own opinions.

I am a tech entrepreneur and a member of the British Council’s Global changemakers, the US State Department Alumni networks, and a partner at Arbisoft, Pakistan’s third fastest growing IT software services company and the ninth fastest growing company in Arabia 500 Companies. I am also a 2014 Laureate Global fellow with the Sylvan Laureate Foundation, a former TEDx speaker, and a 2016 Acumen Regional Fellow.


• Lahore University of Management and Sciences, BSc (hon.) Computer Science


• Co-Founder, The History Project
• IT Entrepreneur

In the press

Rewriting Indo-Pak History — Together (The Huffington Post)

“The work I do is a testament to a lesson I learned at Seeds of Peace: question the generally-accepted.”