Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2019


Organizing stakeholders to bring more harmony into the peace-building world.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being influenced from a wide variety of policymakers and NGOs who are working in isolation and not in concert with each other.


Create a space for discussion between groups working on evolving the conflict, allowing activists to learn more and engage more fully, and organizations to bolster effective programs.

Liel is the co-director of IPCRI (Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives), a shared organization of Israelis and Palestinians focused on forming professional partnerships and impacting policy. Working both in topdown and bottom-up initiatives, his experience includes working with the Israeli Knesset, the United States Congress, and the European Union together with managing programs for leading peacebuilding organizations such as Seeds of Peace, Givat Haviva, MEJDI Tours, and AIES.

Through his role at IPCRI, Liel develops impactful transboundary partnerships mainly through participatory activities, community development, and inclusive processes. He holds a master’s degree in International Development and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“As I see it, avoiding confronting the conflict is ignoring the elephant in the room or trying to live on the Titanic while it sails towards the iceberg.”