Israeli Delegation, 2010
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2015


Galvanizing the business community in the Middle East.

How have you impacted your community?

As an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, I have worked as a Hardware Engineer at Apple, EZChip, and Mellanox, and have taught linear algebra at the Technion Institute of Technology. I served on the board of directors of the Council of Volunteer Organizations in Israel and led its Fundraising and Innovation Committees. I was a mentor and team leader at the Paamonim NGO. I am passionate about peace—particularly in the Middle East—and I am an advocate for civil rights.

Working off my background, network, and passions, I am building a network that will bring together MBAs and MBA students from the Middle East with the common goal of exploring how entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, skills-based training, and education can play a role in laying the groundwork for eventual and sustainable peace in the region.

My vision is to form a network that will nurture an ongoing dialogue and organize peace related conferences and activities to inspire its members to initiate projects that create positive progress in the Middle East. Success will be measured by the number of members that choose to identify with the network and collectively work on the initiatives.

“Participating in Seeds of Peace programs inspired me to take action and create the project that I am working on now with the support of the Seeds of Peace Fellowship.”