Indian Delegation, 2008


Connecting Indian and Pakistani students

How has Seeds of Peace had an impact on you?

Seeds of Peace changed the way I saw life, showed me the world outside my bubble, taught me skills I use every day, and gave me the confidence to voice my opinions and to be myself. I developed a keen interest in media, conflict, and conflict resolution. I made friends I could never have imagined making. I learned how to be a leader, as well as a follower.

It has made me who I am.

How have you impacted your community?

Three years after attending Camp, I founded Aamney Samney (“Face to Face”) which connects Indian and Pakistani students by finding common ground to resolve the conflicts between them. We use social media to host a virtual program of dialogue and sharing, though which stereotypes are challenged and friendships are built.

Changing people’s ingrained perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs takes time and effort. It’s difficult, but at Seeds of Peace I learned it’s not impossible.


• BA in Mass Media, Jai Hind College, Mumbai


• Founder, Aamney Samney (Face to Face)

“If a program like Aamney Samney could have been carried out only three years after my involvement with Seeds of Peace, I can’t imagine what can be done in 10 or 15 years.”