Israeli Delegation, 2004
GATHER Artivism Fellow, 2022


Showcasing stories through podcasts, press, film, and television.

Danna is a writer, podcaster and director who started publishing stories at 16 and never stopped. She was also a part of the Seeds of Peace 2004 Israeli Delegation.

A graduate of the Tisch School for Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, she worked for five years at Kan—the Israeli public broadcaster—where she directed, handled contacts, and created “Hayot Kiss,” Israel’s most popular podcast. She currently hosts a political podcast called “Parliament Light” and writes a weekly column for the Ha’aretz newspaper. She is also developing several scripts for film and television.

A large part of her work has revolved around using stories as a platform to explore ideas that seem too complex or lofty to relate to real, everyday problems.

“Art has always been a huge part of my life. The films of Elia Suleiman have taught me more about the Palestinian side of the conflict than any news story ever could. The music of Luna Abu Nasar, Yasmin Hamdan, and Fairuz got me closer to Arab culture that seemed distant and even frightening to me as a teenager. I believe that art speaks directly to the heart and thus has real potential to change us.”