GATHER Artivism Fellow, 2022


Representing stories of immigrant LGBTQ communities through visual art.

Daniel is a Venezuelan Graphic Artivist whose work is the testimony of a queer and migrant person who escaped from an authoritarian regime. In 2013, as a student, his series of posters became the first LGBT graphic campaign to appear and be discussed in the Venezuelan media. The project, titled “I’m Not Your Joke,” has been exhibited in 20 countries.

In 2017 he was involved in creating the first LGBT-themed metro station in Latin America, the Carlos Jáuregui station of the Buenos Aires subway, which includes a 14-meter mural, stairs, and balconies allusive to the history of queer civil rights in Argentina.

He currently lives in Minnesota, where his work is focused on creating art that tells the story of immigrant LGBT people in the Midwest region of the United States.

Learn more about Daniel’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.

“For me, art is the echo of a message in time. I believe in art as not only a tool to tell stories and create memories, but also as a symbol of hope. Art makes us feel admiration for people we don’t know, and has the power to transform the spaces it occupies.”