Palestinian Delegation 1997
Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2015


Working to strengthen Palestinian diplomacy.

How have you impacted your community?

I am a research expert in public administration, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. I have worked as a university professor and have coordinated conferences and international affairs at Birzeit University. My recent research has focused on the development of marginalized communities in Palestine as part of the UNDP’s Human Development Report. I am passionate about bringing social change to Palestine by strengthening public administration and empowering younger generations. I am currently volunteering with various social change organizations and believe strongly in the influential role of the individual.

In partnership with Seeds of Peace Fellow Ruba, I am working to create an organization in Palestine that will provide training and coaching to new members of the diplomatic corps and to all entities that represent Palestine at international conventions and conferences, including advocacy groups, politicians, and NGO workers.

The goal is to follow the model of diplomatic institutes around the world, such as the Foreign Service Institute in the United States and the main objectives will be to empower civil servants by enhancing their ability to advocate for their nation internationally.

“Seeds of Peace had a great role in helping me learn how to shift from hearing to listening.”