GATHER Artivism Fellow, 2022


Public arts creator, educator, and organizer committed to collective exploration of the ground as canvas.

Chelsea is a multi-disciplinary visual artist living and working in Washington, D.C.

Formally trained by scenic artists and informally trained by graffiti artists, Chelsea’s murals often combine trompe l’oeil elements with modern playful twists. She is the owner and Principal Artist of CHALK R!OT, an all-women mural production company that specializes in various forms of pavement artwork. She also teaches art skills to activists on the frontlines of social justice movements.

She recently completed a residency at the new Moonshot Studio of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and for the last four years, has consulted for the City of Napa, California, and the City of Washington, D.C., on various public arts initiatives, working to ensure cross-sector collaborations between the creative economy and local governments.

Learn more about Chelsea’s work at Chalk R!ot on Instagram and on her website.

“The power of art is the power of communication, which is the core of all humanity. Art is a language that we can all share regardless of our respective mother tongues or alphabets.”