Seeds of Peace Fellow, 2015


Fostering female entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

How have you impacted your community?

I am the founder and CEO of Love Indigenous, an ethically conscious profit-sharing social enterprise based in Pakistan creating bespoke luxury ensembles and fabrics. We use fair trade practices and support women’s empowerment by creating income opportunities. The business started with one woman and, within a year’s time, expanded its commerce by engaging 30 women across Pakistan.

The goal of Love Indigenous is to create a shift in the mindset of patriarchal societies to not only accept that women can earn a living but to also encourage it. We aim to support women with the skills and talents to make a living that can contribute to their household income and fulfill basic needs such as food, shelter, education, and health for themselves and their families.

By empowering women, Love Indigenous aims to empower future generations. A source of sustainable income can give a family the opportunity to uproot themselves from the cycle of poverty that can trap both current and future generations. A wholesome upbringing means fewer chances of a child engaging in activities considered criminal. It also means that in the lowest rungs of society, where poverty is rife, the message spread is one of liberation and respect for women. Psychologically, this can have tangible ripple effects.


• Manhattanville College, BA in Economics and Political Science


GT Interview: Love Indigenous – Aneeta Nagi Bukhari (Good Times)

“There is something magical and beautiful about small steps leading to big changes. Love Indigenous is that small effort in making big changes in the lives of women and families that have touched me with their hard work, talent and love of their skills. I have witnessed this energy, this magic get created when uninhibited talent and support come together and it is precisely this which keeps me up at night with excitement and the prospect of creating more and more extraordinary work. To me nothing beats the charm of exploring the wonder visible in a piece crafted through collective effort.”