Seeds of Peace GATHER Fellow, 2020


Creating safe spaces for Pakistani sexual assault survivors.

How have you impacted your community?

I am creating CHADAR (Challenging Harassment and Abuse, Demanding Action and Respect), an initiative that aims to create a safe space for survivors of assault, harassment, and abuse.

Through art, public awareness campaigns, legislative and policy changes, and use of technology apps, the goal of CHADAR is to allow survivors to create a network where they can find healing and channel their trauma into positivity, as well as work towards legislative and policy change to make society safer.

My passion lies in education and social development. I am a Pakistani intersectional feminist with a degree in Philosophy and Literature as well as a Fulbright scholarship and Dr. Myron Miller award-winner.

“The philosophy of feminism encourages acceptance and equality; two words which have the power of reshaping society and eradicating injustices. The journey towards these two words is what keeps me up at night, and what drives me during the day.”