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Mar 15, 2015

VIDEO: A New Generation of Leadership 'In Practice, In the Present, Like Right Now'

In February of 2015, over 200 changemakers from 20 countries around the world met in Jordan for GATHER+962 to take practical steps towards transforming conflict in and between their communities. GATHER, a Seeds of Peace initiative, marked a new milestone in Seeds of Peace’s journey as a leadership development organization. Matt Courey, Vice President of the Seeds of Peace Board of Directors, shared why this matters at the opening of the inaugural event. “The world has changed since Seeds of … FULL STORY

Sep 24, 2014

Seed Voices | Qasim & Ayyaz

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Sep 19, 2014

Afghan Seeds | TOLO TV

Sep 8, 2014

Indian Seeds explore potential
to "Be the Change" in their communities

MUMBAI | Inspired by Gandhi’s exhortation to “be the change you wish to see in the world,” Indian Seeds took part a two-part program designed to help them realize their personal potential as changemakers within their communities. The program kicked-off with a workshop in September facilitated by peace educator Mansi Panjwani, during which participants reflected on ways to address issues affecting their communities. The simple but very effective “I Can” design-thinking model helped them to outline the steps necessary to … FULL STORY

Aug 29, 2014

Maine summer camp gives kids from Israel, Gaza seeds for peace | FUSION

With tensions simmering in the Middle East, a bucolic lakeside summer camp in Otisfield, Maine, took 95 Israeli and Palestinian out of the conflict zone and hosted them as campers this month for a unique bonding experience. Some 6,000 miles removed from the fighting back home, the kids get to know one another in the woods of Maine, hoping that the lessons they learn at sleepover camp will one day help them work for peace back home. The camp, called … FULL STORY

Aug 19, 2014

Israeli and Palestinian kids find common ground at Maine summer camp

Seeds of Peace, a special summer camp in Maine, brings children together from war-torn areas, in the hope that they’ll see things from a different point-of-view. As Don Dahler found out, the camp is opening hearts as well as eyes to the possibility of peace.

Aug 10, 2014

Maine camp brings Israelis, Palestinians together | BOSTON HERALD

As warfare continues in the Gaza strip, Israeli and Palestinian teens at camp in Maine struggle to find common ground. Israeli and Palestinian kids coming face-to-face at a camp in Maine are finding ways to bridge a divide that has again cast their war-torn homelands into chaos as the international community looks to their leaders to follow suit and forge a peace agreement that will end the bloodshed. “I just knew the other side as being people with guns, people … FULL STORY

Aug 9, 2014

Marcus Smart learns from campers

Celtics rookie Marcus Smart has spent the last few days helping to bridge the gap between teens on opposite ends of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Smart, along with ex-Celtic Brian Scalabrine and Philadelphia 76ers rookies Joel Embiid and Jerami Grant, were special guests at the Seeds of Peace camp in Otisfield, Maine. The goal of the camp is to bring together kids from conflict zones through open dialogue and games. Smart hosted a basketball clinic yesterday, as rocket fire resumed in … FULL STORY

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