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The camper selection process to attend the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine is very competitive—many years we have a 4-5 percent acceptance rate—and varies by country and program.

The ministries of education, schools, community organizations, educators and graduates of the Seeds of Peace program are involved at various stages of each program’s selection process.

Candidates are typically between 14-16 years of age. We are looking for young people who are passionate about their communities, are curious, can think critically, have an open-mind, are willing to be challenged, show leadership potential, and are able to communicate well in English.

2016 Camp Dates

Session One (Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, US, UK): Friday, July 8 to Thursday, July 28
Session Two (Maine, Syracuse, Expanded US Program): Wednesday, August 3 to Tuesday, August 16

This summer, Session One will have Palestinian, Israeli, Egyptian, Jordanian, and American and British participants. Please note that we will not be accepting applicants from South Asia for the 2016 summer.

Session Two will bring students from the Maine Seeds and Syracuse Seeds programs, as well as our new Expanded US Program. This program, like the Maine and Syracuse Seeds, works to bring together refugees, immigrants, first and multi-generational Americans for dynamic identity-based dialogue.

Session One Applications

The Israeli Ministry of Education oversees the selection of the Israeli Delegation. Applications for the American/UK Delegation, Egyptian Delegation, Jordanian Delegation, and Palestinian Delegation are now closed.

Session Two Applications

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Apply for the Syracuse Seeds program »

Learn more about the Maine Seeds selection process »

For more details about the specifics of each participating delegation’s selection process, email Be sure to include the city in which you live so that we can direct to the appropriate person.

“Camp has exposed me to a side of life that is magical. It is where people can actually come together and stand side by side as humans.”
— Noor, Pakistani Seed