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The Seeds of Peace camper selection process to attend the International Camp in Maine is very competitive—many years we have a 4-5 percent acceptance rate—and varies by country.

Typically, applicants to Seeds of Peace apply through the school systems in their home country. Candidates are aged 14-16 and must demonstrate proficiency in English, as well as leadership skills and motivation, based on a written essay and a series of interviews. Most of the first year campers are chosen by the Ministries of Education or community organizations in their respective countries.

Currently, Seeds of Peace accepts campers for the following delegations:

Middle East  (Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian Delegations)
South Asia (Afghan, Indian, and Pakistani Delegations)
United States/United Kingdom (Maine, Syracuse, and American Delegations)

While there are many countries and regions of the world which we would like to incorporate into our programming, funding and organizational priorities are focused for the time being on the regions above.

2015 Camp Dates
Session One June 29–July 15 (Maine and Syracuse Delegations)
Session Two July 21–August 13 (Middle East, South Asia, and American Delegations)

For more details about the specifics of each participating delegation’s selection process, email Be sure to include the city in which you live so that we can direct to the appropriate person.

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“Camp has exposed me to a side of life that is magical. It is where people can actually come together and stand side by side as humans.”
— Noor, Pakistani Seed